Show us your Christmas Jumpers! Goddamnit!

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  • elguapo - i love that jumper you were wearing last night.
    will have to look and see if mine was caught on camera last year. but anyway, i have another one in my closet that might have to get an airing. watch this space

    Not quite. Doh!

  • Here's one for your kids!

    And one for te trendies! (not to be seen dead in cough, cough)

    Oh dear.

  • Brandreth is the jumper Don!

    Fred the weatherman?

  • Not quite a jumper, but I thought it was quite funny.
    How much of a twat would you feel if you'd had this done?!

    20 imaginary pounds for the first person to tell me why they are such a twat...

  • 531 is awsome!

  • Here's one for your kids!

    And one for te trendies! (not to be seen dead in cough, cough)

    Oh dear.

    Haysus F'in Christo! get control of your file size! Good Jumper though.

  • Mega dredge.

    Come on, show us your woolies.

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  • Zzzzzzzip

    Oh, you said woolies.

  • The NBA 'ugly' jumpers are made out of the worst material in the world but i still like them.

  • Still on the look out for one this year, but I borrowed this snazzy number just for the photo opp last year.

  • Can you play Tron on that?

  • This penguin has imprisoned my soul for five years now. Please send help.

  • Fuck me I hate this shit so much.

    Soz. As you were. Merry fucking crimbo.

  • is this an extension of the greeting card industry, a made up thing that somehow people now believe is an essential tradition?

    why the fuck aren't we all making fugly jumpers to sell in the run up to xmas?

  • It's for charity you cunts.

  • The charity being the manufacturers of jumpers worn for one day of the year.

  • Like a rapha rain cape?

  • There is a Rapha rain cape day?

  • Me and my missus just got these in the mail

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  • FAO Humbugs:

    I got my family Christmas jumpers this year.

    I wore mine to Brockley drinks on Wednesday, where it kept me warm and raised some smiles and laughter from old friends. If also seemed to cheer up some older patrons on the next table.

    My family and I exchanged the jumpers as gifts on Thursday. Then we grabbed some leftover sparklers from Nov 5th, went into the garden and had a lovely wholesome time waving them around and and laughing.

    The next day my son wore his to nursery and delighted in showing off the light up Rudolph nose. This was good for him as he struggles with social confidence sometimes. I took the opportunity to donate some cash to Save the Children, via the collecting tin they had there.

    The Good Lord Baby Jesus of Christ only knows how many more positive and worthwhile experiences will come from the jumpers in the next ten days.

    So, you know, stop being so fucking grumpy.

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Show us your Christmas Jumpers! Goddamnit!

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