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  • I have a set of Time ATAC Aliums that I'm looking to get rid of.

    They are black but some of the paint has worn away and the silver is showing through, they are in fully working order and were only used for a few months.


    PM me if you want pictures.

    With cleats?

  • no cleats i'm afraid as they are attached to my shoes that I'm still using.

    dropped the price to £15 after realising the price of fresh cleats.

  • Quote:
    Originally Posted by gundofox View Post
    Hello everyone...

    Just wondering if anyone in the manchester area may be interested in buying a specialized P.Fix?
    £? How much....?

    Oh and what size...?

    Hi dangeruss...

    Its a medium, Ive no idea what its worth to be honest... Ive not had it very long and paid £500 for it new, so I was hoping for maybe £200, but Im open to offers.

  • If you are interested and would like pictures / details let me know, you can get me at


  • I've got a QR axle front wheel, suntour superbe hub on mavic open 4 cd, never braked on, runs true


  • iiish. how many spokes?

  • Also interested, not fussed about spokes but would like to see a picture if possible rogan?

  • im too hungover to count spokes, but i think its 32

  • Will take it if rincewind doesn't want it, he was first in to be fair

  • rincewind pm me if your in, will pm you alialias when i know

  • Hey guyz, seems to have been pretty quiet round here, missed me?

  • alialias can have it, as long as its not harry B. fucktard kid. get back to college.

  • I miss him, welcome back!

  • Do you have any hybrids for sale on gumtree or ebay at the moment?

  • Ahhh, Rincewind I sense you're mad?

    Snottyotter, I do indeed.

    My brian rourke will be up for sale soon so keep an eye out.

  • Don't worry, we will do, I'm sure it'll be up on Gumtree soon enough.

    I didn't know Brian Rourke did hybrids though.

  • Don't worry, we will do, I'm sure it'll be up on Gumtree soon enough.

    I didn't know Brian Rourke did hybrids though.

    Ha ha, good one.

  • Somebody is interested in a pair of american classic victory 30 track wheels? Pretty new, would swap for something more suitable for my feather. They feel fast tough

  • Netakure - The red and white ones?

  • Careful with links to your own stuff on gumtree/ebay, generally not allowed on the forum, on topic or not.

  • okay, thought it would be alright as i'm offering a discount but will take it down if that's the case.

  • It's part of the classified rules, I'd guess that applies to this thread too.

  • Yeah red, white & black. Probably keeping them for now, but I will need to sell one wheelset anyways. Stock ones, nothing fancy

  • 1980s raleigh record sprint frame for sale in salford area if anyone interested?

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Northwest Marketplace

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