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  • Does anyone have a 19t and 18t track cog for 1/8th Chain? If so, pm me or bring it along to 'ride it' sunday or sand bar friday. Have loads of stuff to trade or just pure hard cash!


  • sorry dude can't help you.

    if anyone's got a 3/32 130bcd 43/45t chainring though i'll happily exchange some cash or bits for it

  • i have an 18t profile cog. would maybe swap for a 16t if you got one?

  • stuff i have for trade/sale

    3t pista bar 42cm
    3t motus stem, 110. gun metal finish
    cinelli 1a stem 120
    no name silver risers chopped to 42cm
    suntour gold hub 36h, semi sealed

  • i have an 18t profile cog. would maybe swap for a 16t if you got one?

    Just got both from Condor, but i may have a spare 16t you can have. I'll check when I get back from work

  • front wheel, formula hub laced to dp18 rim (yellow, machined)
    also have a spare dp18 rim yellow, 32h machined

    May be interested in both, depending on how yellow it is. What condition is the complete front wheel in? Got any pics?

    Is the other rim a colour match, is it new?

  • i had it build up radial. hardly any miles on it

    the other rim has never been built up. NOS

    will take a picture later

  • nos? so its older than you chris...

    anyone going to london soon??? need a messenger run ;)

  • i'm in london this weekend, what do you mean by messenger run?

    for sale:

    -LH gold finger lever £10
    -120mm 3t quill stem £12
    -brand new 105 caliper £20
    -nos dia compe caliper (bmx type so long reach) £5
    -basic beto track comp £5
    -very battered manahttan portage messenger bag £5

    pm me if you're interested in any of that stuff.

  • pick up 2 deep v's frm blb

    but its a balache for anyone to lug two rims around london... might wait till i do the macaframa premiere on the 6th... if its the 6th...

  • yeh sorry, not sure there is going to be any room on my back for those.

  • I might be in East London next week Nasty, if so I can pick up your rims from BLB no problem

    I'll email you when I know one way or the other.

  • I'm from over near Liverpool (St Helens) and I'm heading to London on Thursday for a long weekend. Will be heading to BLB anyways, so could pick them up. You'd have to come get 'em from me when I'm back though!

  • got this for sale in classified section if anyone is interested?

  • after a reverse/time trial brake lever if anyone has one and a black front brake caliper. bought one the other day but it's not long enough to get through my forks (pretty deep carbon jobbies)

  • @ als: i have a couple of tt levers lying around - what bars they going into?

    all you'll need for the brake caliper is a LONG ak bolt. i have a few knocking around too

    pm me to hook up

  • oh yeah - i can drop stuff @ harry hall's

  • cheers craig, sent you a pm

  • Hiya... Got a 58cm 2007 fuji track frame for sale.... Just ridden as a commuter, importantly NEVER crashed.... Minor scuffs and scratches as would be expected.... I'm thinking at least £140ish.... But open to offers... Perfect (track legal) replacement to your conversion frame....! Fyi the 2007 is the threaded headset version.... And in black....

  • Also for sale a set of fixed wheels.... Black mavic ma3's laced to suzue basic hubs.... Fitted with armadillo tyres... Perfect wheelset for making a conversion.... Thinking £80ish... But again open to offers....

  • Also, (again) unless DrChan wants it (he has dibs) i have a Bob Jackson Vigorelli frame for sale.... 55cm top tube cc & 55cm downtube cc, no BJ decals, it's been powder coated in metallic charcoal colour... Hardly been ridden by me and was 6 months ish old when i got it from it's first owner.... Comes with BB, Headset and choice of 80mm or 120mm stem... Looking for about £300 (new about £390ish bare, no bb etc, and about a 2 month waiting list....) again open to offers....

  • sick of looking at them
    bianci pista 59cm vgc
    diamont tt 56ish (curvy toptube) vgc
    surly steamroller 53cm destickered vgc
    dolan kilo champion L new powdercoat

    trawl through the blog for photos
    info and prices: or pm me

  • @als - you get that lever???

    i managed to ride into a motorbike last night... oops

  • @als - you get that lever???

    i managed to ride into a motorbike last night... oops

    yeah dude got the lever thanks,nice one for that. left your beers with James at Harry's.

    not done too much damage i hope?

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Northwest Marketplace

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