Quitting smoking: Champix?

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  • ^ Loltastic... :D

  • Gave up my social smoking (8-10 a week) for Stoptober last year, coming up for 8 months clean. I can recommend the ocassional use of electronic fags, I don't use them all the time but they save me when I get drunk and more susceptible to cravings.

  • Having tried Champix in the past and failed miserably two or three months after I stopped taking it. I'm now trying to give up again.

    The nice lady at the smoking cessation clinic said I should try patches (I've tried them in the past and they made my skin so itchy that I had to stop (I have girly sensitive skin)). For most of today I've been pretty good and not really missing it despite the fact that when I'm working is when I smoke the most. I now have the feeling that my patch has run out of nicotine because I WANT A FUCKING CIGARETTE AND ITS NOT GOING THE FUCK AWAY.


    Also dealing with Mrs Bobbo's pregnant mood-swings when all I can think of is fags is not easy.

  • ^Sounds like the other half needs to start smoking to calm her down, you can hang around seemingly being very supportive during this traumatic time as her feet slowly disappear from view, and as a bonus you get the occasional waft to tide you over, win win. I can't see any flaws in that plan....Seriously though I'm surprised the stop smoking service gave you patches despite you having reactions to them in the past. I thought they'd recommend the gum or the inhilator, which are useful to have even as a back up even if you continue with patches, good for those I NEED ONE NOW urges and you need an instant hit. Just think of the future child (cringe I can't believe I said that) you're not going to be able to smoke in the house then anyway so best to get over it now before the weather gets freezing and you've got to go outside and mingle with the great british public shudder. Rhythum is dancer and I'm as serious as cancer, or something.

  • Gah! I have barely been able to concentrate all week and have a meeting in a pub this evening for work. This is not going to go well.

  • Not tried Champix but having great success with the mini lozenges right now.

    Much better than patches or gum because they give you a bit more of a hit when you are craving.

    Five weeks off so far and have only sucumbs to booze related relapses once and even then it was only a couple of fags then back on subsitiute. give them a try.

  • Quit 2 weeks cold turkey and still strong but I have had to ban myself from the pub. Might go for 1 or 2 tomorrow but scared as this has been my reason for relapsing every other time...

  • I quit smoking 15 days ago..
    With Hypnotherapy, the craving just disappeared.
    Smell of cigarette smoke on other people is also a turn off.

  • @almac68 : Could you tell us more? Especially where? Cheers!

  • I've tried many times to quit smoking.
    I was 5-10 a day, for many years.
    Mostly social smoking at pubs, but it just
    Got too much of a routine at work, popping
    out for one every couple of hours during the day.

    At 46 it was defo time to stop. I did a search on-line, found Karen and emailed her. Clinic was close to home, told my girls I am going to stop smoking, they have rarely seen me with a cigarette in my hand. Both really pleased I discussed it with them. Best £250 spent I reckon.

    Details here:-

  • Perfect, thanks a lot!

  • 2 fucking days cold turkey I WANT A FUCKING SNOUT! I've got to go to work tomorrow and deal with fucking pretentious architects. CUNTS THE LOT OF THEM.


  • Sorry for the dredge.

  • I finally quit after an extended period of illness earlier this year... Went for a CT scan and there was some emphysema there, totally normal for smokers but it put the fear of God in me anyway... Consequently, I haven't smoked since before Christmas and haven't vaped since March... Fear is the best incentive to quit IME...

  • Well done Joe, that's great to hear. The quitting bit, not the fear part, but whatever works.

  • My last period of extended non smoking coincided with working with a guy who had COPD. Seeing that made it easy.

    Now I have a 5 year old who has become aware of the fact that smoking ain't good for me and is asking me awkward questions.

  • That's not how Champix works. You keep smoking until you don't want another.

  • I know that but I needed to vent and having UTFS this seemed to have become the forum giving up the coffin nails thread. So y'know I vented here instead of pilling seven more non meme related personal shit into the meme thread.

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Quitting smoking: Champix?

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