Apple Cider in London?!

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  • I got a text mid-ride today from a mate who's moved down to (some fucking place outside the M25 - somerset, wessex, one of those places) and he's just finished his first batch of cider.
    Reckons he'll have 5 gallons ready for xmas.. whatever the fuck a gallon is..

  • Only just read this thread (well, the OP) so a bit late... I can wholeheartedly recommend Chimes in Churton Street, Pimlico for top-draw cider... It's the kind of place you'd take your Daily Mail reading parents for a meal, but the ciders and perries are awesome... And the Polish waitresses were pretty hot the last time I was there... Just 'round the corner from your work hillbilly... ;]
    As you were...

  • Mmm... Polish birds with arm loads of cider.. mmmm...

  • bevmo's

  • Only just read this thread (well, the OP) so a bit late... I can wholeheartedly recommend Chimes in Churton Street, Pimlico for top-draw cider...the ciders and perries are awesome
    Can I get a plus one to that! Can't believe I didn't notice the waitresses - haven't been in a while, maybe they got better?

  • im a westcountry man so im proper familiar with cyder, been making and drinking it scince i was a little one. alough im more of an ale person scince ive got older, i find most cider far too sweet for my palette to drink more than one. my homebrew is very dark and tarte. after the first half a pint the sharpness goes away and its very dry.

    my favourite of the mass produced cyders is westons organic, alough i think it would be a bit of a waste on cooking and is much bettered enjoyed by drinking.

  • it's against king, country and god but...­Path=2_56

  • my favourite of the mass produced cyders is westons organic

    Damn right.

  • kopperberg is fucking skank. its just tases of chemicals and melted icepops. its in league with wkd and smirnoff ice.

  • Last post 7 years ago? How about a dredge motherfuckers? Everyone loves a good cidery dredge...­1xM

  • Good dredge. It had JustMouse and Platini posting and a couple of Tynan references.

    Still the wrong kind of cider though Hippy.

  • Dangerous fucking stuff. Is the Green Man in fits still peddling the filth? I once rode full speed into the Tescos on Goodge street after a night in there. Something far worse happened to Mobbs, can't really remember what though.

    Freedom cider is shite. They make it with the wrong apples and have a prediliction for putting hops and other inappropriate shite in. There are some quite funky Spanish ones that approximate Old Rosie with added arse. More enjoyable than they sound.

  • I've been brewing my own cider for the last three years or so. Apples and yeast. Sometimes aged for a few months with some toasted oak chips or whisky barrel chips.

    I tend to brew it at about 6.5% or 7%. Its fucking insanity juice...seems to have the effect of something that is 10%!

  • Middle Farm is the Dogs Bollox. Used to go there all the time when I was in Brighton. They let you taste all the ciders as well.

    Also they have some pretty funky chickens...

  • Ah Middle Farm. Pop along to stock up for a party and get pissed before the party's even started. I was in charge of the mulled cider once. Bad head.

    I go through phases of preferred Summer tipple. Golden ales dominated last year but I think I'll give cider another look in.

  • Good dredge Hippy, the cider world has moved on a lot in seven years, so much more choice now.

    Where to start? I suspect their potency means I've forgotten a lot of the best ones but Sandford Orchards make great cider down in Devon which is available relatively easy here. In fact the Devon Red is on tap at the Chesham Arms (Easts pub) right now.

    My aunt and uncle own an orchard in Gloucestershire and as far as I know don't do anything with them. It's on the side of Bredon Hill, proper cider country. I should do something about that...

  • Also I'm probably going to get more appreciation in this thread than anywhere else for the fact I have a split 7" of British Sea Power covering I Am A Cider Drinker and The Wurzels covering Remember Me by BSP. Both are excellent and it's one of my favourite records.

  • Yea - chickens with flares !

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Apple Cider in London?!

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