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  • I expect it’s reported somewhere as car stabs cyclist.

  • Fucking hell, that is awful

  • The incident occurred amidst calls for cyclists to; pay road tax/face stiffer penalites /use bells /be registered/need a licence/take mandatory training

    (Basically all the shit that came up when I Googled 'Calls for cycilsts to')

  • They've updated the story to say that police believe the initial rear-ending was intentional. Whether it was a road rage incident or motivated by something else not yet known.

  • (apparently accidentally)

    All the articles, including the one you linked to, and news videos that I can find (e.g.,­7eBCvgqLo) say that it's suspected to have been intentional (while still calling it 'road rage').

    According to the Orange County Sheriff's Department, the incident occurred at around 3 p.m., when a motorist hit a bicyclist riding northbound along PCH at the Crown Valley Parkway intersection, an act which they believe to be intentional.

    Still too early to call. RIP rider.

  • ^^ Ah, snap.

  • You've still used the active voice.

    "Cyclist stabbed by car". Would suit the cliche better.

  • "Cyclist collided with bladed object", surely

  • This is interesting, if sad:­937/molly-steinsapir-lawsuit-rad-power-e­lectric-bike/

    Have to say that I’m shocked at the spec of QR with disc brakes - I’m sure Tester will correct me if I’m wrong, but I had the impression that combo was pretty widely thought to be a bad idea?

  • I think that exposes the serious issues around care and maintenance with direct to consumer bikes (and other transport products in general).

    Without a highly diligent maintenance routine what was a ‘safe’ product becomes a very dangerous thing indeed in certain situations.

  • I don't think it was an issue with a QR in this case, from the article:

    “The complaint’s description of the quick release loosening due to interaction with the disc brake use is novel, and probably wrong—I can’t think of how that would happen in normal use,” says legendary bike engineer Keith Bontrager, who read the document. “It is not clear what specific chain of events led to the loss of control, whether it was a mechanical failure or rider error. From the limited information available, it does not seem like the front wheel separated from the fork.”

    From the description is sounds like they couldn't stop, could just as well be the cable disc brakes,
    the momentum of the heavy bike downhill etc.

  • -75C wind chill temps recorded in New Hampshire. Brr.

    That's based on -40c in absolute temperature for you wind chill denialists.

  • Not the best idea but happens a lot and, ime, mostly doesn't result in ejecto-wheel due to braking

  • With that low a temperature the wind must feel a lot faster

  • There's a lot in the article about the brakes needing constant attention and failing.
    Base model in Europe has Tektro Aries.
    The bike weighs +30k, add 2 humans and a steep hill and it can get quite dangerous.
    Basically what @Howard says.

  • TBF, Tektro Aries are fine, as long the bike is legal (15mph etc.).

    We sell ebikes with them and 180mm rotors (Raleigh), when set up well in a workshop, they can stop you in a dime.

  • Don't doubt that they can stop you, especially if someone competent does the set up and maintains them. But who knows what they did put on the bikes in the US and if the brakes on that bike ever worked properly.

  • Like previously said, direct to consumer is a can of worm, despite being more. Cost effective, it mean customers may struggle to get support nearby or without getting charged for it.

    The benefit of a brick and mortar allow us to work with the customer in setting up their bicycles (saying something as simple as taking a short ride to bed in the brakes).

    Some D2C work (Canyon) but have experience some really poor workmanship on other D2C, moreso on the ebike type.

    Also US is 20mph limit which honestly is too fast.

  • Also US is 20mph limit which honestly is too fast.

    The article mentions 28mph and throttle powered.
    At least the lawyer parents managed to move the attention away from the fact they let their
    12 year old ride around on a motorbike without supervision. Might even turn it into a paycheck.

  • The reign of Big Len coming under the microscope.. You've got to love big union energy.

  • The article stated Class 3 E-bikes, not the Class 1-2, which is different as they’re 20mph and throttle thereforth techinically a moped in UK/EU rules but not in US.

    Just to be clear, children under the age of 16 are prohibited by California law from piloting a Class 3 e-bike, which can reach 28 miles per hour, but presently no age restrictions exist for riding Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes like the RadRunner that Eme and Molly were on.

  • That's gonna be some party, shame I'm going to have to miss it but I've got an excess of rusty nails that aren't going to hammer themselves into my skin.

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