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  • I think based on his green card and Wife's previous nondom status, we can reach our own conclusions on their arrangements.

  • we can reach our own conclusions on their arrangements.

    Which is what? Non-dom is a terrible thing that shouldn't exist, but it is legal.

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  • Dear Mr Zahawi,

    You were found in serious breach of the ministerial code. In view of this you have been dismissed as party chairman, had the whip withdrawn and have been expelled from the conservative party. You have fallen far short of the standards expected of you by your constituents and your colleagues.

    Go fuck yourself,


    PS as you paid your tax a bit late if your house ever catches light the Fire Brigade might take their time to arrive.We will also tell the Police,Ambulance etc to not do much to help you ever.

  • Interesting that Rishi didn’t let him resign, that’s going to cause some further infighting, which is nice. Also he wasn’t sacked for the tax issue, more that he didn’t tell his permanent secretaries at education or as chancellor that he was being investigated and it’s very clear in the ministerial code. that gives Rishi a bit of a get out of jail as that is new information.

  • How cynical am I to think that statement about Sunak not paying a penalty is sufficiently ambiguous enough to mean “never paid a penalty since he’s been PM” rather than confirming that he’s never paid one

  • Surely none of them should be paying penalties given the sums they are dealing with and accountants they can afford

  • I'm just trying to work out why the trending topic at the list of trending Twitter topics Mr Will Melling posted a few posts up is there but I don't want to go to Twitter to click on it to find out!

    Weird place, Twitter.

  • Suspect it's this...

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  • Four wanks and a funeral?

  • Wank 2: judgement day.
    Wank Reloaded.
    Wank academy.
    Training wank.
    Mama wank.

  • No wank for old men

  • Wanking Private Ryan?

  • Ferris Buellers Wank Off?

  • All good wanks go to heaven.

  • refused to say if they have avoided tax in the past week.

    Avoiding tax is a pretty broad brush, and there is no requirement to pay more tax than you are legally obliged to. So I think that's fair enough to avoid commenting.

  • but it is legal.

    Just like tax avoidance.

    Don't forget that our great leader used a tax avoidance scheme to raise capital for microcosm and quite a few on here enthusiastically participated in it.

  • Tax avoidance = legal
    Tax evasion = illegal

    From the sound of it, it sound 100% like tax evasion.

  • Zahawi? - from the sounds of it, and based on the fine it does come across as an artificial arrangement.

    If he'd done the same thing properly from the outset it probably would have been fine. So many artificial avoidance schemes come apart due to the execution. Also worth saying that being fined by HMRC doesn't mean anything other than HMRC are of the opinion that you owe them money. They are not a court.

    Sunak? - it seems likely that his affairs have been arranged to avoid or minimise his tax, but who knows if he's actively tried to take the piss.

  • My understanding is that Zahawi was trying to claim that he gave all his YouGov founder shares to his dad for some undefined amount of assistance that was undocumented and went unnoticed by the other founder/employees. It meant that he never had a stake in the business that I imagine completely dominated his life for a number of years. It's inconceivable that the arrangement was anything but artificial.

  • The men who wank at goats.

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