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  • Johnson being vaguely honest about his determination not to change is almost admirable. Basically telling his opponents, yes, I am a shameless corrupt liar and hopeless leader, but that's the way I like it and fuck you if you think I'm going to improve. Interesting tactic from someone who's long since lost the dressing room and most of the crowd.

  • It is “religion” but not religion. If it were, as I said, there surely would be more compassion after the baby is born. You can’t have it both ways.

    I mean, yeah. Go tell them that. Lots have tried.

  • Cha, ultimately people love to be part of a bigger epic story of good Vs evil & feel they matter.

    The pro criminalisation of abortion leaders are able to use to those needs to turn those into action.

    Life being messy, people changing, making moral mistakes, not being able to save many, that's not a good story.

    Tied in the with the view that good and evil exist on an individual level, so women that have abortions are bad, but society offering impossible choices is not a great evil, and that adoption is always the alternative (ignoring pregnancy brings its own risks and so on) there you go.

    We saved a baby!!!! We have power!!!! We matter!! VS "shit happens, try to at least not make it worse, help where you can, often you lose".

  • Sorry, I don’t mean to preach. I’m just sick of folks using that as a shield.

  • For anyone capable of logical thought

    There's your problem, religion addled minds. The problem is religion, not the specific religions themselves (although they're all stupid) and not necessarily those who believe in their chosen folly, but religion is the method and the catalyst that allows awful cunts to bend and shape the minds of gullible cunts into thinking things that are directly bad for them are what they want.

  • Almost a challenge
    This is what you wanted
    This is all I have
    Don’t like it?
    Change it
    So weird
    But disturbingly logical

    Get out of this card being played?
    A kind of ‘this isn’t the party (read ‘country’) I was ‘invited’ to lead
    So the voters will punish ‘you’ not ‘me’
    Probably overthinking it

  • I think you confuse religious reality with the benign stories that religious groups like to tell about themselves. There will of course be compassion towards people in their in-group even if they are paedophiles or murderers. Most Christians in western societies are mostly in it for the holidays and maybe have some left over esoteric belief in a god but don't really live their lives
    according to Christian dogmas. You can see that often in the outrage when a Pope says something stupid about women or homosexuality.

    People who don't believe themselves will have a harder time understanding that others might

    For anyone capable of logical thought
    any existing religious belief

    you can't have it both.

  • People abuse the terms "logic" and "logical", conflating them with "correct", "reasonable" and various other things that mostly boil down ro "what I think is right". An argument or line of reasoning can start from false/weak axioms and still be entirely logical.

    This has already been happening for a while I'm afraid.

    Oh yeah, however thus far it’s been relatively well defended against in both countries: women can get contraception without their husband’s express permission, gay people can still marry and have sex without being jailed, teens can express non-hetero preferences, trans and inter people are slowly being accepted…

    Yesterday’s decision shows that the right are willing, able, and working actively to dismantle the cornerstones of modern democratic life. The way things are going, women will lose access to legal contraception, sodomy laws will come back on the books, and the excessive policing power of the state will grow as individual rights and freedoms shrink. This isn’t doomsaying, this is reading the republican playbook and actually believing them.

  • Yesterday’s decision shows that the right are willing, able, and working actively to
    dismantle the cornerstones of modern democratic life.

    Does the Roe vs Wade decision mean that more states will be likely to 'criminalise' miscarriages?

  • Just to be technical, the new precedent is ‘Dobbs v. Jackson’, which overturned Roe v Wade.

    Yep as Villa_ru said. It’s at a point where women are being advised to delete their period tracking apps in order to avoid potentially incriminating themselves in an alleged abortion. Some states (iirc) have already made it illegal for residents to get abortions outside the state, and good luck to any that tragically have a natural miscarriage out of the country. Anti-abortion activists will find encouragement from this ruling as they bully clinics and patients in states where it’s still legal.

    That’s where it’s at right now. Undoing it will take a lot of political capital and legal work, and time. Meanwhile, the republicans will continue down their list of targets.

  • I want to add something hopefully optimistic to this rather bleak state of affairs: our interconnected world let’s us communicate en masse from grassroots level, so we share info and coordinate actions. We can also access the global hive mind to identify risks and find solutions. We can be allies to people struggling in other countries even just by engaging with them and offering moral support.


    "On another [occasion], the paper reported the cash was contained in carrier bags from the department store Fortnum and Mason."

    No doubt related to the fact you can't find those money suitcases you always see in the movies anywhere these days.

  • Guess he doesn't walk through customs like the rest of us

  • Management at some hospitals are very worried about being prosecuted for performing medically necessary abortions.
    Many women will die because they will be unable to travel to a safe place for the procedure, and they can’t get one locally.
    Remember- the decision to prosecute will not be made by someone qualified as an OB/Gyn, it will be made by a district attorney hoping to exploit the case for political gain.

  • Texas has made it illegal to travel for abortion.
    Also illegal to assist in any way someone travelling for abortion.
    Citizens are encouraged to make criminal complaints against anyone they suspect.

  • Citizens are encouraged to make criminal complaints against anyone they suspect.

    Last I heard there was a 5 figure bounty offered for grassing out a woman who had or will have an abortion.

    As if miscarriaging weren’t traumatic enough, now they’ll be treated like suspected criminals. And police in the States, and especially Texas, aren’t known for their circumstantial reasonability or flexibility.

  • Can't find a newer chart but this is what happened when the implemented that

  • Haven't seen this posted here. 2 dead, 10 seriously injured by a gunman in Oslo targeting LGBTQ+ people the day before Oslo Pride. Dark times.­61933817

  • Woman murdered on the street in Ilford early this morning.­ndon-61942573

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