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  • He’s been arrested on suspicion of rape. As far as I understand it, he’s yet to be charged, which is when the option of remand comes into play.

  • Apropos of nothing, I've just been looking at Andrew Rosindell's past comments and voting history, and he seems completely reprehensible.

    • Praise for Pinochet
    • Membership of the Monday Club
    • Love of flags
    • Signatory of the 'Common Sense' group letter aiming to distort history
    • Big expenses claimant while criticising benefits
    • Criticism of same-sex marriage
    • Fan of Tommy Robinson on Facebook
    • Etc, etc.
  • Pinochet:

    Authoritarian dictator ✅
    Saved our asses in the Falklands ✅

    No wonder the Tories loved him so much. Cunts.

  • Michael Fabricunt with the LOLz and emojis.

  • I'm not a rapist like my mates LOL

  • You've really got to wonder who rocks up to a polling booth and thinks "he's the guy I want to vote for"

  • Is making a spot the rapist joke about his own party ?

    I know he's thick, but..... honestly.

  • Andrew Rosindell

    He's also the guy who said the Universal Credit claimants don't need the £20 they were cutting, the same week that he said banning second jobs for MPs was unethical because they were "human beings with families".

    His main contribution to the commons seems ot have been repeatedly trying to make it compulsory for the national anthem to be played on the BBC and in schools.

  • And massively socially unaware.

  • So, which male Tory MPs in their 50s were absent today?

    There’s at least two who fit that description who have faced allegations before….

  • Rosindell's name is being widely reported in foreign press.

  • Thanks for explaining that.

    Still this guy has been free for approximately 1-2 years after potentially committing a very serious crime.

  • He learnt from the best

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  • Can we tell who it is yet?

  • Thanks.

    Maybe the two I was thinking of are part of the other 50 odd under current investigation.

  • could be anyone on here on the watch thread

  • Why are they needing to get a taxi to the local gym anyway? Can't be that far away for a walk/run/cycle?

  • Sorry read the whole article:

    'After a period of physiotherapy, he has since recovered the use of his legs but said he can’t walk far and still requires daily trips to the gym both for his physical condition and to help his mental health.'

  • There's a lot of bullshit floating around his excuses, thankfully he's been banned anyway.

  • Suspended ban pending appeal.

    It is such bullshit. Get caught, take your licks.
    Get caught again, and again, and again, you clearly are not learning from your punishments so it should be escalated.
    Maybe repeat offenders should have mandatory black boxes fitted to their vehicles.
    Ankle monitors exists to keep tabs on locations, why not their cars?

    It is quite hard to accidentally go 120mph, regardless of how fancy your car is.

  • Sounds like a prick

  • "director of three companies, including a waste disposal business and a window shutter repair firm" some industries known for honesty and integrity there

  • Maybe cars should have mandatory black boxes fitted to their vehicles

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