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  • If you read his dad's book The Sovereign Individual which is a manifesto for free-market globalisation and technological libertarianism it kind of explains some of where Rees-Mogg is coming from also shows Jacob is not the thinker is father was and is just leading a life based on others hard work

  • I also hate his cute smug gottachas. Like the "offshoring" comment - which Fwiw whoever was chatting about it earlier seems to have misinterpreted too. It's like all his info comes from Guido Fawks.

    What are the actual figures of civil servants working from abroad who are not stationed there in the first place?

    Is it an even remotely meaningful number?

  • Seems a crazy stat if true

    Former health secretary Matt Hancock has also previously stated that if overweight adults lost five pounds in weight, it could save the NHS some £100m.­2/may/15/tory-backlash-grows-over-delay-­to-junk-food-tv-ad-ban

  • Interesting thread on Brit's attitude to immigration­1525766106119606273

  • Tip of the iceberg

    In 2014/15 the NHS spent £6.1 billion on treating obesity-related ill health, this is forecast to rise to £9.7 billion per year by 2050

  • Yeh £100m is tiny in the scheme of things but so is 5lbs

  • I always get the impression the middle class on English TV is often the top 10% income band.

    Weird to me. And in NI those people are understood to be that, but we don't have a culture of landed gentry.

    Yes they exist but keep very quiet.

  • The home office racism & continued problems for EU nationals around EUSS are quietly condoned by many.

    With most media backing the Tories many are not aware in fairness.

    I'm a bit in the fence on how positive attitudes are, as the writer saus if a media storm kicks off we may see anti immigration attitudes resurface.

  • He's been playing that role quote successfully since he was a kid though:

  • A rusty nail should've been driven through his temple at that point.

  • Mogg is like those mock-Tudor places you ride past on your way out of London, boards and stucco over a cheap modern core.

  • Best putdown of JRM is Cosplay CP-30

  • Mogg is like those mock-Tudor places.

    Perfect description!

  • Nicholas Soames, grandson of W.Churchill, said JRM "is an absolute fraud, he is a living example of what a moderately cut double-breasted suit and a decent tie can do with an ultra-posh voice".

    You can tell JRM is new money by the formulaic way he dresses and his eccentric choice of words, even his childrens' names. He tries too hard. Old money types don't care what others think of them. With Mogg it's an obsession, a 24/7 cosplay. He thinks he's special because he says "vassall state" every time he talks about Brexit.

  • I never knew so many fixie skidders owned copies of Debrett’s.

  • The fact that you know what that is and how it's guidelines should be employed says a lot old boy........

  • New money or old money they're all rich cunts

  • Fixie skidders, lol

  • Looking forward (backwards actually) to an ‘exchange’ across a gaming table where S*ames and M*gg trade insults (“You sir, are a cad.” “You sir, are a cur.”, leading to a slap with a white glove that triggers a duel with pistols. Both are fatally wounded and die of gangrene. The Times gives the story a quarter column 10 pages in. The world moves on as no one mourns the passing of two useless non-entities.

  • Are the lightweight Debrett’s still available?

  • Best explanation I've ever heard of class:

    Is if you lock equal numbers of working, middle and upper class people in a pub. The upper class people will set about getting pissed and having fun with the working class people. The middle class people will stand in the corner sipping their sherry whilst jealously looking at the people having fun wondering; why are the toffs talking to them? Surely we've got more in common with them!

  • JRM was not born into the upper class. His parents were middle class and got him to Eton through social mobility jump started through blagging a place at Oxford.

    These are often the worst. They're trying so hard to mimic what they think the upper class are like that they double down on all the most unpleasant aspects. It's all cosplay. Wouldn't be such a problem if they were quarantined in reality TV shows. Disaster for the rest of us when they get into positions of power and influence.

  • Best explanation I've ever heard of class:

    It's an absolutely fucking atrocious description of class. Reminds me of Billy Connolly's Tobogganist routine, which is mostly him making excuses to his traditional audience for the fact that he spends so much time now hobnobbing with aristocracy and minor royalty. Same basic story, same bollocks.

    It's true that actual aristocrats are usually more relaxed about their sense of identity than anybody below them on the social ladder, it's even true that some of them, if by some circumstance they found themselves in a pub, would be relaxed about talking to people at the lower end of that ladder. Doesn't make them a wonderful and uncomplicated group of people. There are also plenty of rungs on that scale, with many of them very aware of where they rank, just how much aristo blood they have compared to others, who has more standing with the royal family and so on. And plenty with the rankest views on society you could ever encounter, who would get out of that imaginary pub as fast as they could manage.

    Grades of social distinction have also long been a thing in the British working class - it's a class based society up and down. My family was mostly farm labour or mill workers on one side, dock workers and shop workers on the other. I can tell you those societies were full of grades - people who cleaned their front step and people who didn't, people who kept a nice front room that the minister could visit (and those who didn't), people judged by where they bought their clothes, the quality of their china, when they drank tea and how they drank it, who they talked to, people who used the phrase "no better than she should be" to condemn people who probably just had a harder life than them but didn't observe "proper" form (and may not have had the resources to have any choice about it). Some of them even drank sherry.

    And again the same grades in the middle classes (probably a bit more sherry, admittedly). But in the post-war decades you also found there a huge number of people who had stepped up the ladder a few rungs from the working class, enabled by the new welfare state and free education. That's where most of the new teachers, lawyers, social workers and so on came from. Most of that new infrastructure, the public transport, new schools and so on was built and staffed by such people.

    All that post-WWII expansion and services is now being dismantled. Whose doing that? Well, it's mostly the old upper classes and the worst of the social climbers (who are now happily dismantling the ladder they climbed and pretending it was never worth anything).

    My parents were in one of those post-WWII generations. My mum became a principal teacher (means a different thing up in Scotland than down here) and spent much of her time giving career advice and support to the children of farm workers, working with social workers to rescue children from abusive situations, setting up the first playgroup in the area, setting up the first women's refuge. But she probably drank a glass of sherry at some point, so obviously she's scum.

    Take that idea and fuck right off with it.

  • Too prole can't read

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