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  • In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail

    Tells you enough

  • Rees Mogg is a cunt - end of conversation

  • A terminal chronic cunt.

    The whole system needs dismantling and starting again. Push out the elitist pricks and put in some real people with knowledge of life and it’s troubles. Not some 50 year old with a nanny

  • And unfortunately my MP, I have written to him a few times and been fobbed off with predictable bullshit.

  • Rees Mogg warning of employers 'offshoring' labour. He is quite happy with Somerset Capital, the fund he owns a stake in having is management 'offshored' to the Cayman Isles.

    Except other than an administrator or two, I'm 99% certain most of their staff are actually in the UK or Ireland, just more convenient (definitely not for tax reasons) to pretend they're in the Caymans

  • How about just doing what helps people instead of what makes a good headline for your base?

    Cabinet ministers concede that it is not enough and are privately urging Sunak to bring forward tax cuts and uprate benefits. “We need to get it done now,” one cabinet minister said. “We need to get money back in people’s pockets.”

    Behind the scenes one minister said Johnson and Sunak were struggling to come up with a package that was both targeted enough to help those who were struggling most from the cost-of-living crisis and eye-catching enough to “politically sing”.

    There is, fundamentally, an issue of political expediency. While there is near universal agreement among economists that targeted support for those who most need it is the best approach, Sunak and Johnson are leaning towards a cut in income tax or VAT.

    “The problem is that what looks good in terms of helping the bottom 10 per cent doesn’t necessarily make good headlines,” one minister said.

    “You can cut income tax but that helps people who don’t necessarily need the help or you could cut council tax for the poorest households, but you might not get the political credit for it. These are no simple solutions but meanwhile it is getting grisly out there.­5f6-d304-11ec-9d8b-0826aa666f4f?shareTok­en=b90c5337925af2ecf8ac8d3f8fb340b5

  • I can't quite see how cutting income tax helps those earning below the income tax threshold, or who don't currently have a salary. Surely this is the sort of situation that Universal Credit is designed for - giving people money directly?

  • Think that's the point. It doesn't but it gets votes from high earners aka Tories

  • The large segment of the population that loves forelock-tugging shit like Downton Abbey all think he's great.

  • Can’t give a windfall tax. Too many Tory friends would be affected.

  • So Putin been poisoned?

  • The locally preferred candidate, backed by the local party, is left-wing.

    So Labour have decided to parachute in other candidates to stitch it up, despite Starmer's campaign promise to let local parties decide.

    And this is the left's fault.

    Sound logic.

  • I love Downton but hate Rees Mogg.

  • Mogg isn’t even from an upper class background, for some reason he’s not happy about his background.

  • What? He went to Eton?

  • What? He went to Eton?

    Ed's right. JRM was not born into the upper class. His parents were middle class and got him to Eton through social mobility jump started through blagging a place at Oxford. I think JRM was the first person in his family to go to Eton

  • Wiki says his dad went to public school and Oxford.

  • And his dad grew up in a manor house

  • That does not make somebody upper class. They are a new money family who had moderate success at coal mining.

  • I agree, but I also think 'middle class' is a very broad term that might need a bit of nuance.

  • Now days upper class is often taken as meaning too 1% of earners.

    AFAIK, JRM's Dad was born into a middle class coal mining family (and did very well for himself) and his Mum was the daughter of an American car salesman (who did not have a career of her own). JRM himself is almost all affectation from imagining that he's from old money.

  • Rees-Mogg is a plastic toff, basically. He's not proper landed-gentry, but his father, who was very much a member of the establishment, made the connections that allows him to play the role of upper class toff well enough to convince the masses that he's is one. His wife is, I believe, proper landed-gentry.

  • Rees-Mogg's dad was William Rees-Mogg. He was from a middle-class background,went to a minor public school and then Balliol, became a journalist and worked his way up to be editor of the Times. He married his secretary, whose father was originally a lorry driver. It's very cliched and I bet Mogg hates it.

  • His wife is, I believe, proper landed-gentry.

    The De Chair family.

  • The most upper class person I know is a lovely chap who lives in Camberwell. He works as a social worker in the local area. Not sure if he is the current Baron or not...his Dad might still be around. He get a couple of mil a year from a trust fund which almost all goes to charity.

    Family loaded since the late 1500s. Various members governed colonies. There are statues of his family across the globe.

    That's what JRM wishes he was. Without the social worker and charity giving bit I suppose.

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