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  • Assume they just copy pasted (or equivalent) whatever the description is in the archive they got the image from - Wireimage in that case

  • Fuck, that's lazy. I also think it might be wrong. As soon as I saw the picture, I realised that there was an omission - took me a nanosecond to work it out. You would really have to give no shits, if that was your job, to have missed it.

  • Sorry, I guess someone with greater musical knowledge than the Guardian picture editor /sub editor might have noticed that was Flack to the right but the caption (the field of information that comes with the photo) from Wireimage/getty/mazur archive fails to mention it. So rather a problem at source than casually racist staffing

  • Sub here. I was going to say that pics where the original is framed or badly cropped to cut a face in half can present a no-win captioning situation, but did a bit of digging and it looks like the Graun maybe did fuck up.

    Edit: nope, different shot.

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  • Yeah, and even if they did crop it to fit, caption would be given same. It would mean I guess the sub (hello @rickster) would need to go back to the mazur archive and get a response to the question " who is that on the right?" Unlikely to get a response in the deadline time. Always worth dropping the source a note to point out the discrepancy thought for the future. Veracity matters.

  • It's very embarrassing if you're the one who named the five white people and forgot the one black person, but it's absurd to default to an accusastion of 'casual racism'. So absurd that it's paranoid.

    Edit: oh look, when the Guardian ran the pic, Flack was cropped out of it completely.­un/24/art-garfunkel-paul-simon-jack-nich­olson-bridge-over-troubled-water-intervi­ew How odd that Jingle Jangle misled us. A bit of planned trolling there.

  • Maybe the Guardian's unpaid media intern is below the age of 60 and therefore doesn't immediately recognise half of Roberta Flack's face

  • Also I'm pretty sure that's Nosferatu not David Bowie so that's another error

    Wouldn't have recognised any of the others

  • when the Guardian ran the pic, Flack was cropped out of it completely.

    To me that makes it worse. Sure, they cropped it to make it look neater and not have her face chopped in half, but it's not great. The slightly different photo posted here shows there are versions with more than half her face in.

    Why are we talking about this, the article's from 2015!

  • Ha, yeah. Eat a fucking sandwich mate

  • Hah yes he looks terrifying there

  • The pic I linked to wasn't in the Guardian in 2015, it was in the Guardian yesterday, and @nick_h. yesterday Roberta Flack wasn't edited out of it. She just wasn't mentioned. If not bothering to mention the one black person in the image isn't casual racism, what is?

  • Then write a complaint. The once or twice I have written to correct / query something in a Guardian article, I have always received a very polite response. They are not monsters. Just busy people doing a difficult job with limited time and resources.

    Or. I'm wrong and it is an an extension of the KKK and they have kept it well hidden for over 100 years.

    You won't know until you ask.

  • On the plus side, I now know who Roberta Flack is.

  • Maybe memes thread? I did lol, quietly, but I don't see how it's news.

  • Topical I guess, I thought maybe a bit heavy for memes.

    All the fuckwads who wouldn't shut the fuck up about "My body my choice" when talking about masks haven't said a word about Roe v Wade. Now there's whispers from the evangelical right wing in the states about gay marriage.

  • " who is that on the right?"

    It's John Lennon, no?

  • Surprised by the responses here. Not bothering to name Roberta Flack or cropping her out of the image are both examples of sub-conscious bias that give rise to pervasive racism. I thought we had got past the point where the only form of racism recognised was overt white supremacism?

  • Just a reminder to get out and vote*. It may only be the local elections but the bigger the kicking the tories get the more likely they will be to fuck Johnson and his cabal of evil, venal sycophants into the sea.

    *Unless you are thinking of voting conservative, in which case look at your last payslip, shopping and utlilties bills and have a word with yourself.

  • Voted this morning. Labour lost by less than 200 votes last time so fingers crossed.

    I was the only one in there at 8am.

  • My 9 year old, who recently met our local (Labour) MP at her school, told me I had to vote Labour today to get rid of Boris.

  • vs. if something looks evil it's more likely stupidity or thoughtlessness but this is LFGSS SO GET THE KNIVES OUT

  • That said, I won't defend the guardian from anything because it's jokes

  • *Unless you are thinking of voting conservative, in which case FUCK OFF

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