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  • 'Chaos with Ed'

  • Stephen Y-L aka Tommy springs to mind.

  • I think this is a sad truth

  • See also Viscount Stansgate

  • An old friend of mine, an ex soldier from Liverpool who was a Hillsborough survivor (Boris has form for victim blaming) genuinely, to this day, believes that Boris Johnson is a salt of the earth man of the people who is looking out for the little guy and draining the swamp.

    I mean, where do you even start with that? Where does brainwashing end and insanity begin?

    Edit: He also tells me that the only reason I don't like Johnson is that he's against the elites and I'm one of the elites.

  • Now I'm all het up.

  • I can't get my head round how people see him as salt of the earth kind'a guy. Mind boggling

  • It's the S*n et al selling him as loveable rogue, holding a pint up, eating fish and chips, sporting are troops....

    Fucking works a treat on the hard of thinking

  • It's all like Trump isn't it?

    I think Boris just represents the anti teacher or whatever person made them feel bad / the anti whatever group that's ill defined (woke! sjw!) they don't like.

    But perhaps saying "ok say Boris is not elite but I do you define elite?" might clarify their thinking a bit. If it's emotional...good luck.

  • how do you define elite?

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    Bet that £200 loan for energy is going to come in handy

  • Hasn't anyone told him that cold water swimming is all the rage?

  • Stupid fucking cunt.

    I have struggled with dyslexia and other learning difficulties my whole fucking life it made my time at school miserable as I was written off as "highly intelligent but doesn't want to learn" it affected me so badly that my boarding house master tried to have me sectioned.

    To pass off your general ignorance and stupidity as a disability is plain lazy and I really think you should fuck off and die.

  • The comments I saw on her twitter post pretty much echo what you say.

  • Serious question - does dyslexia affect people in the way that she says ie verbally?

    Edit - if she was reading from an autocue would that cause issues?

  • Yes and yes.

  • I’m a dyslexic and I’ve also worked managing peoples needs and requirements for examinations. It doesn’t seem implausible but I’ve not heard of it manifest in this way.

  • Thanks. Apologies for my ignorance.

  • ....this prompted me to look at dyslexia and support in the workplace.

    In a previous role, maybe 2014 - at the big R - I was increasingly being told to work on large spreadsheets, with lots of codes and numbers, and do lots of data input. I'd never really used excel before (certainly hadn't had any training) and was pretty sure I was mildly dyslexic, but acutely bad with numbers and codes - dialling phone numbers would be wrong 50/50, always got product codes wrong, took forever to cross-check anything on spreadsheets etc. Clearly something I was terrible at, and should not be anywhere near.

    I went to HR with these concerns, and the head of HR arranged an interview with me. They had pretty much never heard of dyslexia before (", is that when you can't spell"?) and said they'd do some research. Came back and said it's not classed as a disability, there's nothing they could do, or that the company was obliged to do by law.

    I came back and said perhaps this is a good opportunity to start a dyslexia policy in the business? I could get together resources/online tools that people could be referred to, give managers some knowledge on how to support employees? I'd previously sat on dyslexia panels/committees at an art college, and was pretty familiar with some low/no cost interventions - art colleges are all over this stuff, so it was quite bizarre that there was literally no policy in a rapidly growing company of +200 people. The person who sat opposite was severely dyslexic, and their work would have benefitted hugely if there was awareness and basic support.

    HR didn't even reply to my offer. Zero empathy or interest.

    This chatter reminded me of this story, so I looked and the 2010 equalities act does include dyslexia, and workplaces should provide reasonable adjustments. Not really surprising - I saw this person passing off a different initiative I'd started as one of their own in an interview a few years later.

    TLDR: Never trust HR.

  • Aka a large portion of the population.

  • Apologies for all the spreadsheets, G!

  • ....haha, not you! - it was that lousy PLM system ...and the additional spreadsheets people built around it to avoid using it.... :D

  • TLDR: Never trust HR.

    As they say, the job of HR is to protect the company from its staff

  • I think part of the issue is that the person in question wasn’t very good at the job, which was compounded by being mildly evil and not very clever.

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