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  • That's what I thought: 'vision that half all journeys' ... 'we will deliver a world class cycling and walking network' ... 'we will enable behavioural change'

  • A measly 2 billion over 5 years as well, drop in the ocean

  • Ped and not a cyclist but done for death by dangerous driving and yet a suspended sentence. I thought it was an automatic custodial?­ndon-58970264

  • 'my son is 11 he has to get to school' - if only there was some alternative way of getting there...
    Heard a fella ranting about being held up by insulation folk (in London) the other week. Again, no possible thought that maybe if he wasn't sat in his car, it wouldn't be an issue. Bike, bus, tube, train, scooter etc - none of it ever crossed his mind

  • A measly 2 billion over 5 years as well, drop in the ocean

    That's 400million per year? There are apparently 398 councils in the UK.

    Evenly spread that's 1 million per council per year.

    It won't result in much tangible, but is probably better than nothing?

  • It's a shame that it's the only potentially auditable pledge related to cycling in the document but as you say you'd hope that something tangible comes from it. I can't see any way of telling from the Net Zero Strategy if its 'new' money or just badging of schemes already underway or previously promised.

  • I think it is safe to assume it is previously pledged money, treasury seems to being spending most of their time on rebadging existing commitments

  • In the context of a road building budget of 27 billion, it’s risible.

    But it’s fine, we’re only facing an existential crisis.

  • In the context of a road building budget of 27 billion, it’s risible.

    I know. We're forever doomed to headlines of large amounts which satisfy the people when in reality once broken down it amounts to crumbs.

  • Like the large amount of 90,000 heat pumps available for a £5k grant which is one out of 250 that needs doing to switch off domestic gas.

    Apparently like microwave ovens the cost of heat pumps and electric vehicles will plummet...

  • the cost of heat pumps will plummet

    I heard that too, so no point buying this year if they will be loads cheaper in five.

  • I read earlier as well, that the 90k is what would of been sold in that time anyway at current install rates, so it is just going to be subsidising people who would of already done it

  • but is probably better than nothing?

    Don’t forget inflation.

  • Government ministers out explaining inflation

  • Excellent. Though don't you get automatic fines for not renewing now?

  • Some slip through the net. My BIL spent two years driving untaxed as he thought he had a direct debit. Only found otherwise when he visited me and got clamped for no tax. No fines other than the charge for unclamping (also had to prove it was taxed within ten days or something).

  • Careful when you criticise inflation people. Obviously nobody benefits from a runaway double digit inflation, but depending on circumstances a period of price increases between 3 - 7% can become a nice little catalyst for economic redistribution.
    The wealthy see their fortunes erode, whilst the lower rungs of the economic ladder will have a strong case for wage increases. 'Let's lock in an acceptable increase in union wages now, or you risk even worse increases in labour costs next year. '

  • What if you're a millennial trying to save up tens of thousands so you can afford the privilege of a shit one bed flat?

    Asking for a friend

  • Indeed. A lot of people may see savings vanish (relatively) in the next few months/years. And guess who won't care? People whose mortgages will also shrink (relatively), or who will see the value of their "retirement portfolio" explode.

    I agree with starfish&cofeee that it's more complicated than just "inflation bad", but I'm not really sure it's ever a good time to be "less fortunate".

  • The wealthy see their fortunes erode

    Only if they have it as cash in the bank, which they mostly don't.

    If we want to redistribute wealth we need something like a property tax. Perhaps payable annually or when you when you sell the property, owners choice, so the property rich but cash poor elderly can live in their home until death.

  • Property often has to be mortgaged to pay for care in later life.

    Which means that there would need to be better public funding of that.

    If we want to redistribute wealth we need something like a property tax.

    And a guillotine.

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