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  • threats to democracy

    My first draft of my comment I'd written corruptocracy instead of democracy.

    There's so much wrong with where we're headed, but listing all this when emotions are high due to the stabbing only opens up angry responses.

    Adversarial "Punch 'n Judy" style combined with a FPTP "Winner takes all" competition is the crux of the problem.

    Every vote needs to count, and our politicians need to stop the constant bickering.

  • @NorthLondonLight and myself rocked up at The Roastery, at the north end of Kew Bridge yesterday afternoon, around 16.30. We'd rolled out to Windsor for (another) Artefood lunch.

    It was crowded as the football fans strolled eastwards towards the Brentford Community stadium,
    and exacerbated by the railway line works that meant all were arriving by bus.

    The crowd was good natured, unti from the east a loudhailer could be heard. Turned out it was an anti-vaccination march, with MetPol escort, which marched westwards then across Kew Bridge. They were followed by around 8 Transit (-type) vans. Some of these were mini busses full of officers. A couple of minutes after they started crossing the bridge, another fleet of MetPol vans showed up, maybe 10/12?

    I was surprised that the Met could allocate such a presence to this march.
    Do the anti-vaxxers have to contribute to the cost of this (over-)policing?

  • Do the anti-vaxxers have to contribute to the cost of this (over-)policing?

    Yes, they pay tax just like the rest of us.

  • Why doesn't this get more attention in the news instead of GP's not seeing enough people face to face?­/oct/16/ae-crisis-leaves-patients-waitin­g-in-ambulances-outside-hospitals-for-11­-hours

  • There has been a failure in the NHS to deal with this chronic problem.

    A bit dismayed to see this quote from the vice-president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

  • Not new news, but reading this makes my stomach turn. A part of history close to my family (time/place) but yet I know almost nothing about.­ct/17/slaughter-in-indonesia-britains-se­cret-propaganda-war

  • The Act of Killing is an incredible documentary if you haven't seen it

  • Thanks, I didn't know any of that. No shortage of post-WWII colonialism-related atrocities, like this in France:

    According to officials at the time, less than a handful of protesters died at the hands of Paris police, then led by the former Nazi collaborator Maurice Papon. Historians say the number killed, many of them beaten and thrown into the River Seine, was between 50 and 120, while Algeria has said the death toll in the “massacre” could have been as high as 300.

    The Élysée statement acknowledged: “In addition to many wounded, several dozen were killed, their bodies thrown into the Seine. Many families never found the remains of their loved ones who disappeared that night. The president of the republic pays tribute to the memory of all the victims.”


    Officers shot at protesters and arrested up to 12,000 many of whom were herded on to buses and taken to makeshift detention centres, where they claimed police beat and tortured them and deprived them of food for days. Police also herded the panicked crowds on to city bridges over the Seine and were accused of throwing protesters into the river.

    The official death toll was given as two and was only revised upwards when bodies began washing up on the riverbanks and turned up in woods near the detention centres.­ct/17/macron-crackdown-on-1961-algerian-­antiwar-protest-unforgiveable

    Not nearly as many victims as in Indonesia, but still. These were people who went on a demonstration.

  • I'm still trying to process our recent history in Kenya. Horrific.

  • These were people who went on a demonstration.

  • I haven't. I looked into it a few years ago. I may try again.

  • cynical and shameless opportunism

    Vomitous speeches as well. Won’t dignify them by re-quoting here, but viewed detachedly this is a fine example of the ruthlessness of politics and the ignominious mindset of politicians.

  • The whole thing is nausea inducing

  • Major big balls energy from a bunch of Tory politicians to stand up in public and wonder innocently where this atmosphere of spite and poisonous recrimination has come from.

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  • Some politicians will have good intentions with this... social media is an utter dumpster fire. All the assholery inside people's heads on full display.

    However..aside from the privacy issues etc... how do they think they can control social media posters from outside the UK?

    And GHCQ is also posting under fake names (lolz)

    And what about indeed their accountability?
    The Cons acceptance of the xenophobia after Brexit rather than stating "This is un-British behavior, fuck off" off is an example...
    And that of the newspapers? The whole Leveson inquiry ended with a dud...and newspaper publish under real names.

    But again I don't think all of them act cynically. If I were a politician I'd be off twitter and all that...too much arseholery. I don't have an easy solution, I just doubt this is it.

  • how do they think they can control social media posters from outside the UK?

    Shift the burden of enforcement onto the platform provider. If a site is unable or unwilling to keep illegal content at bay, then access to the site can be legitimately restricted up to and including banning the site.

    The Great EU Firewall already restricts web content in line with privacy laws. Wouldn’t be much different, especially if mainstream media play into the restrictions by hyping up the perceived threat.

    IANATechie, IAAL.

  • The EU perhaps...outside like Russia, China...don't think so.

    Now perhaps that's good enough.

    I need to see research though.

    The other problem is that right now death threats etc. aren't investigated in many cases, the police has no time.

    Slapping on a name might cut down the investigation time...but the police can already easily get info from ISPs and Twitter etc.

    Maybe I'm wrong this is going to cut down abuse... I'm just skeptical.

  • Also many people venting shitty views get away cos "Freedom of speech"



    Driver swerves to wrong side of the road and kills a cyclist. A witness sees her on her phone.

    The driver just says she can't remember what happened and the jury returns a not proven verdict.

  • That seems fucking ridiculous, surely there's phone records and if still found not proven then losing your licence until the black outs are solved, there's an awful lot of rules regarding driving and epilepsy.

  • It's worth pointing out that the witness didn't see the driver using her phone while driving. The witness saw the driver using her phone after getting out of the car after the crash.

    The question of whether she was using her phone after the crash or not was raised to contend whether she had a blackout or not. The prosecution argued that she couldn't have been incapacitated if she had the wherewithal to use her phone after the collision.

    She also denied being on her mobile phone after the crash, despite eyewitness evidence to the contrary.

    “If the witness is right, it means you were conscious enough and alert enough to be using your phone straight after an episode of loss of consciousness and memory,” Mr Kearney said.

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