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  • Sounds like some folks thought they were becoming members of the National Front

  • I've just voted

  • Good work - Just DON'T vote for any of these lot:

    *I wish there were less candidates - it seems the large number of "normal" people on the ballot risk diluting the vote, while the six Culture War cunts will secure that portion . Also, some of their statements in the AGM notice did not make it obvious what their views were. Like everything right now - what a mess.

  • If you are voting you might want to vote FOR the resolution that bans trail hunting on NT land

    "Members’ resolution about trail hunting, exempt hunting and hound exercise on National Trust land"

  • Fucking hell it's literally on the membership card "For everyone, for ever". Rather than try to turn something into something else maybe just accept you're in the wrong club, and maybe you should stick to the local Conservative Club with all the other cunts?

    (voting now)

  • Anyone know if you need to be a member already to vote? I.e. i am not a member currently but would be willing to join (think it is worthwhile anyway) and will do so asap if i can vote…

  • I think you have to be an existing member, but don't quote me

  • I'm confused as to why Min Grimshaw is on both the recommended vote list and also the proscribed list?

  • She's definitely one of the stormtroopers.

  • What's the "recommended list" - she's one where if you read her statement, you'd think she's the opposite to the people we're trying to keep out.

    Page 17.

    Did you give Min your vote?

  • Found this a really interesting read, could just as easy be in the climate change or environment threads­2021/oct/11/uk-public-backs-carbon-tax-h­igh-flyer-levy-and-heat-pump-grants-stud­y-shows


    The new analysis, titled The Climate Consensus, used a market research company to provide a nationally representative sample of 22,000 people, including participants from every parliamentary constituency. The participants used a climate calculator to choose the policies they preferred in order to meet the government’s 2030 target of a 39% reduction in emissions compared to 2019.

    The most popular policy mix selected by the public was:

    -A carbon tax of £75 per tonne on polluting manufacturing and construction businesses, with some funding to invest in new technologies, supported by 94% of people.
    -Better-integrated public transport coordinated by local government (93%).
    -Food campaigns and support from government, supermarkets and food companies promoting plant-based diets and cutting meat and dairy consumption by 10% (93%).
    -A comprehensive UK-wide electric vehicle charging network by 2028 (91%).
    -Raising flying costs, particularly on frequent fliers (89%).
    -Some restrictions on cars entering city centres and a 60mph speed limit on motorways (82%).
    -Support for less intensive farming and paying farmers to improve nature, including woodlands (79%).
    -Grants for heat pumps and home insulation for low-income households and low-interest loans for others, reaching 1.4m heat pump installations a year by 2030 (77%).

  • The Nominations Committee’s recommendations for the Council elections are:
    Sandy Nairne, Caroline Kay, Min Grimshaw, Philip Monk, Sarah Green and Christopher Stewart

  • From their website. So I just voted for these, thinking they wouldn't be cunts

  • Most of that is softly-softly tinkering around the edges that wouldn't make a blind bit of difference. The 'electric mobility revolution' (car companies passim) will increase energy consumption from driving, as with it driving will increase. More hidden pollution is worse pollution than less visible pollution.

  • It hits the Governments 2030 reductions targets, so it might not be doing enough but it isn't doing nothing

  • Sorry to continue to disagree, but it won't do any of that. It's just too weak to offset that alongside these policies there will be continuing population increase, with millions and millions of people around the world aspiring to the 'lifestyle' that we are so reluctant to radically reform, as well as the usual stuff that takes us backwards, such as more road-building, the aforementioned increase in driving because electric cars are so green (all energy for them will, of course, come from renewable sources, ah yes, how could I doubt that it's so simple), etc. Integrated transportation, which I used to support but don't any more, has the perverse effect of concentrating economic activity in fewer places and increasing the need to travel. Raising flying costs will not have a particularly severe impact on frequent fliers (the cost will just be absorbed into the economic mainstream), and all the other targets are far too unambitious.

    Most of these policy ideas are incredibly old. The way it works is that what needed to be done decades ago was blocked and delayed and kicked into the long grass until, having been in the policy pipeline for so long, it comes to 'acceptance' far, far too late and then serves merely as greenwash. Meanwhile, the decisive policies that ought to be started now will suffer the same fate as what might have seemed radical a generation ago. At some point, which we may well already have passed, it'll be just.too.late.

  • The UK has committed to upping its exports of fuckwittery.

  • WWF who built the calculator disagree with you, you can find the tool that was used here and the supporting assumptions behind the calculations:

  • From their website. So I just voted for these, thinking they wouldn't be cunts

    Same here

  • That climate calculator does seem a tad simplistic...

  • Politicians, (and as the Tories have been in Office since 2010), currently particularly Tory policticians seem to be Weebles, as in 'Weebles wobble but they won't fall down'.

    Anyone with a shred of decency would have exitted public life after his groping expose,
    of course,
    those with a shred of decency probably don't become Tory politicians in the first place.

  • Of course it is but doubt you would get 22k people completing something more complicated

  • They've gone from failing upwards to failing stratospherically.

  • The Grauniad a bit late getting the wolfies briefed on the NT. The Spectator had the pointy heads mobilised four months ago..­en-trust-the-crisis-at-the-heart-of-the-­national-trust

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