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  • Friendly Fires not happy about Johnson using their song 'Blue Cassette' as walk-on music.­/1445752098390360064

    If we'd have intended them to use it, we'd have named the track 'Blue Bunch of Corrupt Wankers'

  • If my neighbours start burning wood again I'm gonna have a fit

  • This is utterly chilling.

    Sarah Everard vigil: Police officers contacted arrested woman on Tinder­ndon-58805186

  • Not been on it for years but didn't think tinder had a search function, just makes suggestions of matches?

  • I read that and was a bit confused. I thought the basis of Tinder was you could only message people if you both matched (although I have never been on it so I may well be wrong with that).

  • Don't ask me! Just read the article and took it as face value. I find it unlikely that somebody would make such a claim if it was as easily disprovable as you guys are suggesting, but who knows.

  • Well there's your answer. It turns out that on Tinder you can share a profile with others and if youre deemed a match with them, you can also interact with them. If you're not a match, you can only view the profile.

    It could be that somebody stumbled across her, and then shared the profile in a whatsapp group for example.

  • You can pay extra for a feature to allow you to see who swipe for you without you needing to swipe to get a match, that’s how she found out.

    My friend was telling me that they prefer this option as it’s easier to weed out the dodgy profile as men always swipe right, and women the opposite.

  • "My friends" - sure, Ed.

  • Please stop sending me friend request.

  • So you are planning on burning wet wood?

  • No. I've got some wood a couple of years old that is still in lengths and/or big rounds that I didn't have a saw for at the time. Need to break down to stove size. Cherry and pear mostly.

  • You could dry some wood in the oven.

  • Interesting piece on the possibility the petrol crisis could make people question the dominance of motor vehicles­21/oct/08/school-run-parents-tackle-petr­ol-crisis-traffic-chaos-london

  • (I have not read the article) I suspect it won’t, but I do think it will accelerate people moving from ICE to EV.

  • The following Monday, when Francome and other parents tried to walk their school runs, the impact on the community became clear.

    Does this mean these people previously drove a short, walkable distance to school twice a day and are now complaining about traffic?

  • They are traffic.
    I am taking my son/daughter to school.
    You are getting in my way.

  • As I said to you, and here in other places, I was contemplating a hybrid which switched to an e-cargo bike. That was likely going to happen anyway, but the forecourt fuckery DEFINITELY accelerated the conversation with the internal auditor at Casa Stevo.

  • I didn't read it that way. Does it matter, so long as they realise the problem now and are pro changing the status quo ( as the piece goes on to state)?

  • More trouble at my ends­hree-men-shot-east-london/

    drug money laundering, shethinks

  • Fucking hell

    Alexandar Richardson: Cyclist chased by machete-wielding men in park­ndon-58835188

  • I saw that when he posted that on Instagram, pretty shocking

  • Same, totally bonkers story...

  • As I've said before, there is a crime spree such as this that targets cyclists in London every few years. This is just another variant of the 'use a more highly-powered vehicle to steal something from the cyclist' method.

    The other common method is what we saw pre-pandemic on the Lea towpath around Tottenham Hale, i.e. surround the cyclist with greater numbers (usually at an ambush point/a pinch point/a hard-to-escape point) and mug them.

    It's like identifying a 'gap in the market', working out a more-or-less novel way of doing it in a location that hasn't previously been on the radar, and then keeping doing it until the police have worked out a way of stopping it, which in some of these series of incidents has taken years.

    I guess that with a high-profile location like Richmond Park, it's not going to take years. Fingers crossed. Hope the victims get over it and get their bikes back (fat chance, I know).

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