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  • sorry I meant "old" neighbours, couldnt give two shits what they're up to now, would be pissed if I was still above them. They have a garden so assume they've kept it out there.

  • My first thought was ‘why in the bin tho?’, then I realised how redundant that question is.

  • Scroll down for the doughnut filling a plastic bag...

    ... to put in the boot of their car.

  • A205 blocked both ways

    Ah well, it's not as if it's a strategic road or anything. It's definitely almost never used by any of the emergency services.

  • isn't it in a constant state of being blocked in both directions?

  • Not to the same extent, today a Sainsbury HGV turned onto the A205 by the Horniman and could not complete the manoeuvre, so blocked both carriageways. It couldn't move forward because the queue of cars that had parked along the (red route) to wait an hour (!) for the petrol station to turn the pumps back on wouldn't move out of the way.

  • No. I've encountered slow going mostly east of Catford, and like every strategic road, it's particularly susceptible to problems at the major junctions, but mostly it's not blocked. I don't go through Forest Hill all that often, but it's usually fine.

  • Which sentence, though? There are loads in Jane Austen books, I know that for an absolute fact.

  • We put a maximum of £8 of petrol in our courtesy cars, if required, before taking them to customers. The looks you get from the other folks on the forecourt who assume that you're topping up the tank like a hoarder. It amuses me.

  • Which name is he going by currently?

  • interesting program from 2013, some of it already looks familiar.­QCs

  • Who knows…

    Whichever it is, he's still a liar.

  • Time for some local outrage.

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  • What does T&A stand for?

  • Telegraph & Argus (local paper in Bradford which is just south of Ilkley)

  • Tits & Ass surely. Snow in September? Blimey

  • It's Fat Bear Week. Not Hippy's grindr profile, but a chance to vote on which bears gained most weight since January.

  • Sarah Everard's killer given whole life sentence. Reading the victim impact statements was really hard.

  • Amazing!

  • Reading the victim impact statements was really hard.

    So much. Couple that with the coppers closing ranks and it’s a massively depressing picture overall. We just don’t trust them.

  • So many questions unanswered. Was he tipped off? His supposed reputation and nickname must have been earned - why ignored? Met disowning him, despite their obvious responsibility. And it doesn’t strike me as a ‘first time’ crime also. Are we going to be serious about male violence towards women - and please government don’t counter with the not all men argument. I have an eight year-old asking me what she can do. I don’t know what to say to her. I have explained what happened and she has asked who she can trust. At this stage, do we really know?

    Edit - also just witnessed some horrible misogyny on the train home (guy shouting at a woman because she wouldn't chat to him - interrupted by a brilliant woman nearby before most other people knew or had seen what was going on, including me, but some damage done emotionally already - also may have coloured my above rant). F*ck me this place can be shit sometimes.

  • Maybe take it as an opportunity to teach her about her rights under the law and divert attention away from the fear element to something more empowering? Could be easier said than done.

    Also I realise this might only be mildly comforting, but boys are much more likely to be victims of crime than girls.

    counter with the not all men argument

    Being frank, I'd really like an engagement in the all men discussion. I don't want this to come across as negating what women deal with but, men commit almost all the violent crime - be that against women or men. That's not to open up a debate about who has it worse, but to point out the common denominator.

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