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  • many who could get to school without a car but won't because it's not what they do

    I presume the heads of school/department will be having sensible conversations with their staff and encouraging them to use alternative transport where it is an option. Most people try quite hard to get to work.

  • Yep Teachers, Police, mental health clinicians really don’t want to live near where they work.

  • The police one is a problem if you are trying to have policing by consent.


    Do they have to get ‘levelling-up’ into everything! Where do they level up too in this case? The Kármán Line?

  • Alright - I stand corrected. Still - pretty certain there are many who could get to school without a car but won't because it's not what they do.

    There are fucking loads of unnecessary car journeys for school, but also loads of people who need some sort of fossil fuelled transport to get to school. I'd wager the people making the unnecessary car journeys have quite a cross over with those panic buying fuel and fucking things up for the others.

  • towards the great filter

  • This account is like a repository of our country at it's finest during this fuel blip

  • My local Esso has fuel but has also shut the pumps off “to let things calm down”.

    They re-open the pumps at 3, there is an enormous queue currently- 14:30.

  • A205 blocked both ways, half an hour to go.

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  • Shapps - “signs fuel situation stabilising”

    Front page of the BBC. Doesn’t seem to correlate to reality.

  • To be fair, most of what that man says doesn't bear much resemblance to reality.

  • I think it just means that countrywide things are a little bit less panicky than they were before. Obviously some individual places (like many parts of London) it's still a shitshow.

    And mostly it's just down to the fact that most people who didn't need to fill up have now filled up.

    (I only fill up our car about 3 or 4 times a year.)

  • Gout out of the queue! One less car

  • You'd think once everyone who panicked had filled up things would calm down pretty quick. I find it surprising how many days it's been like this in London. Thought most city dwellers didn't have things like extra petrol containers hanging around their flat. (I know nothing of the practicalities of car ownership).

  • Am still in our old road's WhatsApp group and our downstairs neighbours have hoarded 6 jerry cans, muppets.

  • There's nothing quite like the illegal storage of highly flammable material in a residential setting.

  • Time for you to have a loud house party I think. Or take up nocturnal tap dancing

  • Bonfire night might go with a bit more of a bang this year.

  • Where the fuck are they storing it?

  • If I found out my downstairs neighbours had 6 jerrycans of petrol in their flat, I'd move out until it could be made safe.

    Petrol vapours are no joke.

  • Double bunded no doubt

  • highly flammable material

    Explosive. I mean yes flammable, but also capable of going boom and sending firey liquid death everywhere.

  • I've a fair amount of butane/propane mix gas cylinders here, as well as the best part of 5l of isopropyl alcohol. But they are in the shed - which is about as far away from the house as I can place them.

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In the news

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