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  • don’t get why having an old phone is bad/isn’t better ethically/eco. also rhb, yeh wtf?!

  • Shit. Didn't notice the date. I wondered why it wasn't on Newsnight.

  • I don’t often say this, but LOL.

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  • With such a stonking majority, how on earth would it bring down the government?

  • They were already, or they had been - Jayda Fransen stood in the Rochester and Strood by-election and got a whopping 56 votes.

    I'm not sure they've got any more relevant, or that their message resonates any more now than it did then.

  • It's pretty hard for them to stand out when the party in Government campaign on identical policies.

  • LAPD arrested that cop watcher on bullshit charges:­LA

    Turns out the arresting officer is someone previously complained about for not wearing a mask.

  • They lost their registration because they forgot to renew. I get that. But given what is known about the applicants, I can’t see how they can be approved as a new application?

    The grift money is obviously in the campaigning. As I said above, their accounts need to be gone through with the finest of fine tooth combs.

  • Lakers colours are purple and gold. their shit photographer made it orange.

  • Or is it a knock off vest?

  • How can a group that assassinated an MP be considered as a legitimate party?

    Why are they not banged up?

    I’d argue that fear of death post Jo Cox was the deciding factor in passing Article 50.

  • The grift money is obviously in the campaigning. As I said above, their accounts need to be gone through with the finest of fine tooth combs.

    iirc - they used to make cash by posting things on the FB about animal cruelty and ask for donations, with no actual mention of them being a (racist extremist) pressure group/political party. I think this got them into people's timelines and then they started to try and get them hooked with the hate stuff.

    Became aware of this when my blithely clueless (Indian) ex reposted a Britain First post about a disabled elephant, with no idea that she was helping cunts who would gladly kick her out of the country.

  • FFS. How many kids/teachers really can't get to school by foot, bike or public transport?

    Schools on the risk of homeschooling happening again due to fuel shortages
    Headteachers are hoping that they will not be forced to revert back to online lessons as a result of fuel shortages, a school leaders’ union has said.

    Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), said: “Schools and colleges are operating under a great deal of pressure at the moment because of the situation with Covid infections.

    “The last thing they need is the added pressure of fuel shortages with the potential for this to mean that staff, pupils and suppliers are unable to get to school.

  • This is interesting.

    It's a bit like how the right uses wellness and anti-child abuse in the US.

  • Quite a lot when you get outside central London.

  • ^ this

  • Yep, we live about 8 miles from my daughters school, no much chance of a 5 year old walking that far...

    I would say well over half of her school is more than 5 miles away.

  • In fairness no1's nursery is 3.2 miles, so very bikable. But I don't think my OH would let me take them on the roads I need to go on. Now they are back at work I need to take no. 2 as well.

    So I drive.

    In an ideal world I'd have an e-assist cargo bike, but budget and concerns over road safety riding on a stretch of country road which people aren't used to having bikes on mean it's not on the cards.

  • Loads of teachers. Lots like to teach outside their local area as it reduces the chances of bumping into kids at the weekend but also roads enable opportunities. My mother-in-law, now retired, used to teach miles away because that was where the head of department opportunity existed and the M25 enabled the journey. Build roads, create demand, create dependency. Of course it doesn't have to be like that but adjustments take decades both ways.

  • And on the kids thing, there are plenty from far away. A school here in zone 5 north London has pupils from as far away as Pimlico.

  • Houses next to schools are waaaaay outside the salary range of a teacher

  • 8 miles from my daughters school, no much chance of a 5 year old walking that far...

    In the snow, uphill both ways, when I were 't lad etc.

  • From secondary school, my school was a 1hr 45m bus ride away. Both parents worked.
    Some days, the bus wouldn't show up. Literally no other way of getting to school.

    Same went for college, until I could drive.

    With Covid, bus timetables are shot to pieces as drivers isolate (or probably get jobs as lorry drivers..)

  • Why are they not banged up?

    Some of them were - didn't appear to help. As I said, I regard them as effectively a domestic terrorist organisation.

  • Alright - I stand corrected. Still - pretty certain there are many who could get to school without a car but won't because it's not what they do.

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