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  • Cf fertiliser otherwise know as grow how in ince cheshire supply yeald dressing to farmers . Known as potassium to speed up grass growth and get your cattle fatter quicker.
    It pumps out all sorts of fumes so i dont have much sympathy with them Many years ago its storage venues where targeted by a irish paramilitary group.

  • Reminds me of lockdown part 1 when everyone else was buying bog roll and I was stocking up on hard Italian cheeses, schallots, dried mushrooms, risotto rice, durum wheat flour and stone ground spelt.

  • Petrol light came on yesterday. c.40 miles remaining. Not sure I can even face driving until this shit blows over.

  • I don't get it. Is this a dig at humanities degrees?

  • Nah, just a joke about the large number of NVQs that have a sociology module.

  • I have things to drive to this weekend so had to refill. I warned my other half she needed to refill her car earlier today as she has to get to airport for a business trip. She forgot and is not happy I suggested she refill now rather than drive to the airport on Monday and hope she can refill the car on Friday in the way home. Somehow it’s my fault she ought to do this. I have pointed out the alternative is being stuck in Birmingham next Friday.

  • There's no queues in Birmingham....because the pumps are all empty.
    Time to change the weekend plans!

  • To be far if Grant Shapps says to don’t panic, it’s probably the right time to panic

    I wouldn't really call that 'far', it seems pretty close to the truth to me. :)

    He appears to be just another incompetent Transport Secretary (and the line of those is a lot longer than any queues at filling stations today), but somehow the lack of one big, obvious blunder and the lack of a rhyming nickname has meant his exploits haven't caught the public imagination (and because most of the current mess is down to Johnson's idiocy first and foremost). The best I can think of is 'Mishaps Shapps', although that doesn't rhyme.

  • Oh right. Well I technically did Human Geography but most people don't know what it is

  • Indeed. Not to mention that electric car promotion will cause a massive increase in energy usage for individual motorised transport overall, because everything's fine now, isn't it? Oh, but we'll generate it all from renewable sources, so where could there be any problem? Hmmmmm ...

  • Local Esso still mental.

  • Gonna stick my neck out, but I don't think there will be any shortages caused by panic buying by next Friday.

  • You know your arse from your elbow?

  • I had to queue to get petrol as I have a long planned journey tomorrow. Everyone else there was a stocking up petrol hoarder. You could just tell.

    Lad in his little hot hatch was annoyed that they'd run out of V unleaded.

  • If it's of any help both Morrisons & Shell in Chorlton had only small queues when I rode past about 8pm

  • Well I technically did Human Geography but most people don't know what it is

    The good stuff:­ey&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

  • Human Geography

    To my mind, bjork’s third best song

  • Space, place and gender, a classic. I don't read enough of Gender, Place & Culture these days either.

  • Contributing to minor chaos at Morrisons as I type :)

  • Nadine Dorries doing her level best to calm the situation:­/1441463208603176965?s=19


  • I wish there was a Nadine Dorries shortage.

  • Sending thoughts & prayers, I imagine you're back home already though!

  • Can you just give her a little bit of fuel from all of your things to make up a tank?

  • I'll ask my parents.

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