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  • there's no queue at the charging point last time i checked.

    Only pedestrians queuing to get past the charging points mounted on the already narrow pavements.

  • You can always take the train.

    Riding a proper mountain bike for long distances on the road is no fun, Ed.

  • Only pedestrians queuing to get past the charging points mounted on the already narrow pavements

    Yup, I queued for 4 hours this morning to walk around a lamp post

  • No queues at my local BP- because it’s run out of petrol

  • Ditto the local Esso here.

    Or they just closed it to stop running out.

    I wouldn't even call it panic buying - it doesn't take much in terms of short-term demand increase to give the appearance of scarcity.

  • Road bike this week?

  • I reckon I’ll be ok with the fuel in the tank that I have, and we’ll have 100,000 new short term visa HGV drivers starting on Monday so it will all be fine.

  • closed it to stop running out.

    Why would they do that? Wouldn't they want to sell it rather than store it?

  • Store it for a week and sell at double the price 👍

  • Wasn’t too bad to Swinley!

  • But won't everywhere still have petrol? I'm sure I read that only about 5 across the whole country closed, and now everyone's gone batshit mental. I suppose that is what's causing the shortage.

    My neighbour came home grinning like a Cheshire cat, whilst I was putting my roof bars on and he proudly boasted that he'd filled up both his cars to the brim. I asked where he was going, "nowhere" was the answer.... ☹️

  • I'm sure I read that only about 5 across the whole country closed

    That might have been true at some point early this morning. Certainly not true now.

  • Been past three in South East London in the last hour or so and each were out of fuel and closed.

  • Genuinely enjoyed this article as someone who used to study sociology

    How's the hairdressing job going?

  • All pasta except the bronze die stuff disappeared from the Lidl

  • How’s the bog roll situation?

  • TP is AOK. Buffalo mozzarella supplies also stable.

  • There were two near me in Kent yesterday afternoon and think there were others as well

  • Lol this is so dumb. Have a big drive tomorrow (also not a daily driver) and it's for mine and my gfs first date in months. Don't want to contribute to queuing and be a panicker but don't want to risk waiting til tomorrow?

  • Welll..... In this instance it's hard to argue to that there aren't advantages.

    Because there are no supply chain problems with an industry massively dependent on Lithium, Cobalt and rare earths.

    High-tech car manufacturing has even more Brexit-confounded supply chain problems than the conventional car industry.

  • #wn4lyf - gridlock around crown point as people queue for the petrol. Same down in West norwood. This will all seem ridiculous in 2 days. Get a grip people.

  • So, how hard are custody battles when nobody can pronounce the name of your "Requires Unicode"-named child?

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In the news

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