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  • I been across South London all morning and every garage has huge queues out into the road, and some garages are closed completely, shapps and some other transport twat saying there's plenty of petrol, it's just not in the garages...Muppets.

  • Old bill are telling some to shut cos of public order.

  • I'd like to go mountain biking tomorrow, which involves driving out of London. How much fuel is in the car I wonder.

  • Answer- probably enough.

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  • Cool. IT failure at the passport scanners so massive queues there. Before you drive into town, queue for fuel, get held up by insulation protesters and then can't buy any food at the supermarket or a McDonalds milkshake.

  • luckily I'm avoiding all of the fuel crisis idiots by self isolating.
    with any luck the panic buying will have abated by the time I'm allowed out of the house again.
    either that or the world will have ended or whatever

  • how many of these tits fill their empty skulls with this sort of undiluted mindpiss?

  • The Fleet Manager at my work sent out an email last night saying there will be shortages so fill up...... I now have half of my team queuing at petrol stations......bastard boss in me thinks he should have sent the email tonight so they queue in their own time.

  • I think we're going to end up in EFTA, without Scotland and Northern Ireland, with European levels of taxation and American levels of public services/local government, competing with the EU27 for immigrants whilst our pension age populace froth at the mouth and scream at them.

  • The "short term visa" solution.

    AKA come work here NOW, then fuck off back to where you came from.

    Surely these short-term workers, will be working somewhere more welcoming and permanent, rather than hanging around waiting for the"opportunity" to come here?

  • Global Britain, Sir.

  • I've just started signing Rule Britannia

  • How do you differentiate between those people who need fuel and had planned to get some today anyway as it's their only car trip all week and those who are panic buying?

  • Kill them all, let God decide.

  • Just cycled to get my hair cut and the roads were all blocked due to people queueing out the petrol station and onto the main road. Madness.

  • Don't worry electric cars will solve everything

  • It’s fucking nuts on the south coast, ridden passed 3 petrol stations and the roads around them are total gridlocked.

    Glad my bike just runs on hummus.

    To be far if Grant Shapps says to don’t panic, it’s probably the right time to panic

  • Exactly. I filled the car up yesterday (no queues) as I had about 1/8th of a tank left and I've got an 80 mile round trip to do at the weekend.

    Having to do that same trip by train/bus would have been a massive ballache and considerably more expensive (probably more than the cost of a full tank of fuel).

  • Those who panic buy have a certain look, it won't be hard to tell

  • .

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  • Don't worry electric cars will solve everything

    Welll..... In this instance it's hard to argue to that there aren't advantages.

  • FWIW the waiting time just now at Texaco on Shooters Hill was less than 5 minutes.

    (I was empty and needing to make a rare drive out of town on Sunday, honest guv.)

  • This ^

    My retired mother in law who does approx 0 essential miles called me today to say she tried two petrol stations already and the queues were too big.

    She also stock piled food in her garage during lockdown.

  • there's no queue at the charging point last time i checked.

  • You can always take the train.

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