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  • Ah yes, the British grooming victim that the Tommy Robinson brigade don't seem to care about for some reason I can't put my finger on.

  • It's weird, you would think that someone being groomed by the Islamic State would be right in their wheelhouse.

  • I was just posting a video of Gove on telly. I don't know what he said.

  • Apparently her Mum had cancer and hid the diagnosis from her daughter until she was on her deathbed. Apparently the groomers specifically targeted her because she was grieving in a particularly intense way. They basically sought her out because she was known to be not particularly bright, grieving and in shock.

  • This professor on the sage committee on bbc news is giving me bad vibes.

    Presenter: do you think we should make face masks compulsory and wfh standard for those that can now and then the nhs won’t be overwhelmed.

    Professor: no. Let’s wait until the nhs is overwhelmed.

  • I'm annoyed with my employer that has made wearing masks in the office optional and would like us all back in from the start of next month. Doesn't feel to me like either of those things are the right thing to do at the moment.

  • My employer allowed people who wanted to be in the office to go. The irony is they had to wear masks moving around the office, it could take them off at their desks. It’s either on or off.

    Having people wfh eliminates a large portion of the problem so why not continue it.

    How do scientists and politicians still not see or want to see the obvious solutions.

  • How do scientists and politicians still not see or want to see the obvious solutions.

    In fairness, I very much doubt it'll be the scientists. I suspect all advice is having to be filtered post presentation to PM (or prior to give him deniability of every having received bad news?) depending on what they think is acceptable.

  • (or prior to give him deniability of ever having received bad news?)

    Lots of this


    Cabinet reshuffle incoming.

    Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic... unless there is some actual talent and not just yes people being brought in.

    Will Gove pop up like a bread fungus you didn't expect to see at 2am in the morning, after shuffling hungry in the kitchen for some toast that's now inedible?

  • When this all kicked off I ranged PHE because my office love air con and I said air con would spread etc etc. Need to open windows with ventilation. Office refused to switch off air con and PHE said air Con not spreading

  • Gavin Williamson gone, doesn't seem to have another post

  • Pretty impressive to be sacked from your job looking after schools, when throughout most of your tenure those schools have barely been open anyway

    That is so Gavin.

  • Robert Peston "Ministerial source says Priti Patel not looking happy"

  • Let's hope she's been re-shuffled onto a dinghy

  • Liz Truss gotta be in line for Home Secretary, God forbid

  • Which new shower of venal, lying, workshy, useless, corrupt cunts are we going to get now?

  • Level up and build back better.

  • Jenrick's gone but he had a great run. He treated the post like a well practiced contestant on supermarket sweep.

  • Sorry, I’ve just seen your reply. My wife is with the NHS, working at the Maudsley Hospital in Denmark Hill. She wants to set herself up as a private consultant but right now she’s got so much on there and so many people that desperately need proper help that she doesn’t want to quit because she loves what she does. But it also drives her mad, and worse. No wonder she’s stressed to shit all the time.

  • Raab to MoJ?

  • More like Grovel down and slither back under.

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