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  • this is just ignorant...

    community is just one of those words - means fuck all - community leaders my arse

    If you don't really have a community (we don't where I live, nobody really talks to each other) it doesn't mean much.

  • Patrick Mercer MP (from his seat in Lincoln) "I was in London yesterday and saw no trouble of any sort [...] This is isolated to some small areas" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You massive insensitive patronising bell! I was shitting my pants watching people rip up my neighbourhood!

  • My hope would be that this would help build at least some sort of community where perhaps there isn't one right now... Blitz spirit and all that.

  • re. Lewisham High St cleanup, the council cleaners were on it by 6am and at 8am when I came through again it was looking back to normal.

    Would have been a better punchline had you said 6.10am it was looking back to normal

  • Lazy little snot-noses. I'm sure this wouldn't happen in winter, or when raining.

    It was seriously pissing down on Sunday night when 300 people turned over Curry's and Halfords in Brixton...

  • Hai, Whats going on?

    have i missed anything?

  • sad to hear it, he used to be on the button

    ...when he wasn't out of it on charlie

  • one of our own - hope all is ok with you MetroCamm

  • A technical question, with all the laptop and mobile phone they kids have stolen, surely the shops have records of the serial numbers and they manufacturers must have a way of blocking them? I do know with the blocks of mobile phone, they only work within this country, but with some many kids trying to sell their stolen phones and whatnot, is that even gonna work?

    Oh, I am being too logical now...

  • If you don't really have a community (we don't where I live, nobody really talks to each other) it doesn't mean much.

    It takes a collective effort to change that, with everyone having some responsibility. Remember this quote:

    "There is no such thing as society. Only individual men and women, and families."

    People have bought into that crap (and been coerced into adopting that stance). Look what happens when you get groups from other cultures which have retained an idea of society/community e.g. Turkish people in Dalston last night.

  • ...when he wasn't out of it on charlie

    BBC News reader just called him Marcus Dowe.

  • I would like to see all those arrested dressed in bright standard issue council workers clothes and made to spend the remainder of their school holiday cleaning up the mess they made.

    Perhaps seeing the real effect it had on their community might take them out the bubble they clearly live in, also getting the sods out of bed working at 8am might mean they will be tired and back in bed in the evenings with a little less rioting

  • Dunno if pearoast but this makes me so angry, and sad

    ‪London Riots: Young boy gets robbed by looters after getting knocked out! Revolts me.‬‏ - YouTube

    Why didnt the person filming shout something at least ! FFS ! What a bunch of........ grrrrrrrrrrr, so angry now !

  • one of our own - hope all is ok with you MetroCamm

    Topping theft! These bastards have hit a new low...

  • some smashed windows in putney. phones4u and couple of others. bet they'll be back there this morning looking for sim-only deals

  • I love that it's always "bring in the army".

    I don't believe in violence and do not want to give police powers they certainly won't give up easily,but, all the "scrotes" talking about "feds" and "war" and "havic" really get on my tits. They clearly believe they're "soldiers". It's fucking rubbish.

    Agree BMMF, in Crystal Palace last night there were some people trying to do something.
    I'm glad I know my neighbours and will be saying hello to them all again and hoping for a quiet night.

  • Won't someone think of the Olympics!

  • That was just said in the office here btw, I'm cracking up. What a dumb thing to say.

  • I can imagine it, in a high pitch shrill voice laced with panic.

  • England footie game off !

  • this is just ignorant...

    how so? they trot out someone from some youth project and parade them as a 'leader' for 5 mins of air time, for a few soundbites? 'community' is just a mediated catch all term

  • People whose property isn't insured will not be able to claim under any insurance policy. Thus, people who don't have insurance on their cars are going to find that they cannot claim if that car is burnt out. This is obviously a gross injustice.

  • High Wycombe? WTF? from mate's FB, hope she's misinformed.

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In the news

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