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  • You push traffic onto main roads which are then even more gridlocked/busy and then folks who don't really need to drive switch to cycling or walking.


  • IMO unless public transport is significanty cheaper than taking a car, no ammount of LTNs will get people out of cars.

    This (+ being at least as convenient as car option.)

  • That's the hope but there will be a lot of angry people sitting in their cars in a traffic jam complaining about all the traffic on their sub-mile trip to wherever.

    We are still selling the dream of the open road in car adverts 42 times a night.

  • It feels beyond hope tbh.

  • Tell me your boss is hopeless without telling me your boss is hopeless­5639771607678983

  • Thanks for the detailed response. I see what you're saying and it includes a few things I hadn't considered.

    The main issue I have in this specific example is the lack of turning areas if cells are filtered in the middle. I'm not sure how this is normally avoided.

    Also, increased delivery driver movements due to having to enter and re-enter a cell multiple times to access different ends of the street.

    These are the two plans being considered although it seems that the clear preference is for edge filtering.

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  • Edge filtering is generally the default option because traffic engineers consider it easier. They're used to their job being to facilitate movement, mostly of drivers, so they go for edge filtering and loops. However, one of the key aims of filtering is, I'm afraid, to make driving less convenient and more cumbersome, and that includes making people turn around, same way in same way out. One key argument against not doing loops in a cell used to be that the bin lorries and emergency services need to get around, but with the new fashion for camera-enforced permeable filters, that's no longer a concern.

    Also, and here I part company with people who do such things, is that I'm 100% opposed to facilitating the grocery delivery sector in any way whatsoever, so if filtering adds to the time their drivers take and reduces their profits, I'm all for it (and I'm well aware of the conditions their drivers work under, and that this might be taken out on them; if they were paid and treated properly, these businesses probably wouldn't exist, so that's another thing to get busy about). Needless to say, I'm also 100% opposed to the trend to order everything else from the Internet, usually from the worst company on the planet. It's utterly unsustainable and should quite simply be legislated against, and the worst company on the planet should be destroyed. While this is not going to happen, here again proper filtering will do a nice job of cutting into profits.

  • Thames Valley Police- cyclists shouldn't wear shorts:

    From TVP & HC Roads Policing Departments to all bikers and
    cyclists. T-shirts and shorts are for beaches, not roads.

    Remember: Good observations are key to safe riding – Slow down, look
    ahead, be considerate and get home safely. Have a wonderful weekend,
    stay safe (and dry)­859007181512705

  • I'll cut them some slack, and assume its obviously meant for motorbikes, they're just bad at typing.

  • They went to the trouble of posting the cyclist emoticon.

  • I'm trying to be optimistic...

  • I just read that up above. What a bunch of cunts.
    Edit TVP was my force. Not one of them seems to know how to social media without looking like a twat, me included.

  • The cyclists or the coppers?

  • We don't appear to have pointed and laughed at Edwin Poots yet.

    Haha! ->

  • He has a foreshortened view of world history.
    21 days to him must be like decades, or even a century, to us.

  • Also, and here I part company with people who do such things, is that I'm 100% opposed to facilitating the grocery delivery sector in any way whatsoever, so if filtering adds to the time their drivers take and reduces their profits, I'm all for it

    Isn't it better for one delivery van to visit to multiple households than have each of those households drive to the supermarket individually though?

    Edit: would also add potential to reduce parking spaces at supermarket whilst still serving same number of customers

  • And it’s more like likely that a megacorp will buy a fleet of electric vehicles and keep them in good repair, than it is for all those families to do the same.

  • Also, food storage in a warehouse is much less energy intensive than a supermarket with warm air con next to open fridges and 500 lumen/inch lighting.

  • The problem is you get many different supermarkets delivering on many different days and the vans often come from further away (my Sainsbury's order does not get picked at my local Sainsbury's Superstore). A monopoly would be much more efficient along with limited delivery days.

    Kind of like couriers. Amazon, DPD, DHL, Hermes, UPS etc will all visit my street on the same day. It would be better if a single organization did all the houses.

    People claim the free market is efficient but it is bullshit at many levels.

  • That assumes supermarket orders are fulfilled from warehouses or dark stores which frequently isn't the case.

  • If it's not the dominant scenario it's still a better one in principle isn't it. What's stopping them from moving more toward delivery from warehouses besides inertia?

  • It used to be not enough customers to pay for dark stores / warehouses when you also had regular stores available. There is a tipping point somewhere.

    Supermarkets are either losing money or only just about making some on home delivery at the moment.­-41a8-96b5-0adcc889d57d has some details (not paywalled for me, might not be for you if you enter that URL in a Google search). While it is a minority of your business do you want to invest all your capital building dedicated warehouses everywhere?

  • If only we had delivery by quiet electric vehicles early in the morning from a local facility to nearly every street in the house where you could leave a note out for an extra loaf of bread or some orange juice whenever you need it.

    Wait....what....the f**k happened to the milkman?

  • He’s back - we’ve had people knocking on the door recently because they’re setting up local milk rounds. I’ve heard it’s coming back elsewhere too.

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