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  • Yeah. Fucking awful.
    My sister was at school with someone who died in that fire.
    I actually walked past the house this morning on my way to the barbers.
    Whether it was started deliberately by racists or not is now kind of irrelevant, everyone at the time was sure it was the NF, they’d already firebombed the Moonshot club in NewX.

    There were a lot of positive things happening as well back then though, community action, festivals, arts etc.

  • Barbers in front of NX station? Deniz still there?

  • Ha ha, yeah exactly.

    Apart from a brief shift of allegiance to Andy’s in Brixton (also Cypriot diaspora) Deniz has been cutting my hair since I was a nipper. His dad used to cut my dad’s hair.
    We’re growing old together.

    Although I stopped going for a while during the Brexit crescendo - we were probably going to come to blows.
    He’s an infuriating reactionary git at times but ...a good barber.
    He’s doing another Ironman this year so no politics talk.

  • I'll stop derailing this thread now but Deniz was a big help to me in terms of training advice for various long rides I did in the past. I gave him some wheels to say thanks. Top bloke. Very good triathlete.

  • That wasn't a fun read. I grew up just down the road from Mottingham/Eltham, but apparently a different world. Didn't realise how much my parents had sheltered me from, but a few of their efforts have been newly contextualised to me.

  • Out of interest where are they, around the den or rotherhithe I am guessing?

    I grew up in catford/lady well in the 90s, gotta say didn’t see any overt racism just terrorism from geto

  • Bermondsey, both quite close to the bricklayers arms roundabout.

    One of them was technically my local. They used to have posters up in support of a regular who was in prison for murdering a young lad in Camberwell for brushing into him in a pub. Think they had posters up for a regular who was jailed for a racist murder in the 70s too. Bleak.

  • Lee

    Ah, hasn't changed much then

  • Wow you just jogged my memory, completely forgot. I had a mate living round there 2007/8ish who got me into bikes and we ended up in a rough pub on tower bridge road. Some how we ended up in the bogs getting recruited/groomed by a racist Scottish guy but we were just nodding along cos he offered us a line. Out of nowhere I had a massive sneeze and took out half his G 😂

  • Scottish guy but we were just nodding along cos he offered us a line. Out of nowhere I had a massive sneeze and took out half his G


  • Ha ha. Lee has below average crime rates for London. It's really not that bad at all.

  • **UNTIL NOW, Murdoch’s daily paper has hidden behind the criminality that took place at its sister title, the News of the World

    HOWEVER, Ex-Lib-Dem MP Sir Simon Hughes has now won a settlement in a groundbreaking ‘Sun-only’ claim

    ACTOR SIENNA MILLER and ex-footy player Paul Gascoigne have also filed ‘Sun-only’ lawsuits but have not yet settled

    LAWYERS fighting against NGN claim the precedent will ‘open the floodgates’ for victims suing The Sun**­0/the-sun-has-caved-in-on-a-landmark-pho­ne-hacking-case/

    Rupert Murdoch writes down value of The Sun to zero.

    Pandemic hits circulation and advertising at tabloid newspaper that helped build media baron’s empire­-4ec2-bd33-12aa5939af61

  • The sun is dying, good news.

  • £200mn loss last year
    would love to see the sun burn

  • No doubt it can be used to offset some tax bills for years to come

  • Good call. Terminal loss relief is quite a handy tool if you've got the bunce.

  • That lowlife shitbag Trevor Kavanagh phoned Hughes and threatened to out him.

  • I guess the MySpace loss is too old now and they need a new source of tax write-off

  • would love to see the sun burn.

    What else does it do? Freeze?

  • To be fair in May you could have been forgiven for forgetting what the sun looked like.

  • Cross posted from the Epic WTF thread, but this is just mind blowing as there are reports that Belarussian authorities are organising the crossing of Iraq immigrants into Lithuania to try and create a migrant crisis for the EU:­/1403695167555702784?s=21

  • I put on GB News after the Spain game finished to see what real, unbiased news that isn't ashamed to be British looked like.

    It looks like weirdly intense members of the public asking Roger Daltrey from The Who what he thinks about lockdown.

    It sounds like something Armando Iannucci invented in Time Trumpet.

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In the news

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