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  • He also had shown himself to be a bit of a blow in with limited links to London thus undermining his super bloke, you know he walked around Afghanistan, credibility / middle class wankfest bromance iirc

  • He was also the first conservative voice to speak out against the Govt mismanagement of the pandemic response

    the right - where exhibiting entry level, non-sociopathic behaviour makes you exceptional.

    fuck all these people.

  • I'm pretty sure that every big ship in the canal carries a local pilot. Drunk captain is too easy.

    This story is going to go up and up the news agenda as its global ramifications become apparent.

    They have about a week of rising tides to get her off. However the max. tidal range there is only about 2.0m, so the week ahead doesn't offer much solace (depending on the state of the tide when she went on).

    I can see her being part unloaded in situ - which will take a lot more than a week to make any significant dent in her draft.

    Those vessels, despite their 200k tonnage, are very susceptible to wind on account of their huge side area. That's why Felixstowe is occasionally closed in high winds – even their fleet of big tugs with about 80 tonnes of push/pull power can't control the big ones in a blow.

  • part unloaded in situ

    Bro, do you even gantry crane?

    Edit: I won't insist that a gantry crane is the only contraption that could do the job in an emergency, but I don't hold much hope of getting a decent sized crane up and running in the desert within and acceptable time frame.

  • This story is going to go up and up the news agenda as its global ramifications become apparent.

    Hoarding time again!

  • can't they just pull it off with a couple of tugs

  • Will need a load of water based lube

  • It could have been worse, it could have been hippy blown off course and they would have had to dig a new canal.

  • They have shifted it I think haven't they?

  • I just realised that the main photo going global is from the insta account of a young lady working on a Maersk ship. Imagine how she must be freaking out as the entire planet is descending upon the rest of her holiday snaps and family gatherings.

  • possibly a coincidence / accident but loving the fact that the Ever Given drew a great big cock and balls in the middle of the Red Sea before crashing and temporarily fucking a good chunk of global trade­gQA

  • There we have it, it's not a drunk captain, but one who's on LFGSS.

  • An erect cock next to a bum. Saucy.

  • Just swallowed my lips.

  • You can take the sea out of a man but ...

  • So no-one spotted the Everwotsit going round in circles waiting to take on the pilot, who turns up on another smaller boat just before the end of the sequence?

    Is anyone curious about the BBC (and others) reporting that "Egypt has reopened the canal's older channel to divert some traffic until the grounded ship can move again"?

    There is no 'older channel' where the Everstuck is aground; all they can do is use the short 'older' bits further along to get some of the northbound convoys away past the gridlocked southbound ships. The canal is blocked because the canal is blocked!

    The oil price was beginning to spike at lunchtime!

  • Given this kind of mapping,
    it should be impossible for there to ever again be a marine oil slick
    of unknown provenance.

  • There is no 'older channel' where the Everstuck is aground

    I thought that too. There was talk this morning of it being refloated which seems to be further spin.

  • Ships that deliberately dump at sea just switch their AIS beacons off. Or so I'm told.

  • So according to my sources on any given day over 10% of goods transported globally go trough the Suez Canal. On a typical day 50 ships pass through, the record is 75 ships in a day.

  • Who knew that it was easier to draw a bottom and a willy with a fuck off big boat than it is with an Etch A Sketch?

  • Because there is always a direct correlation between a country's backwardness and insecurity and the number of flags you see:­1/mar/24/government-buildings-to-fly-uni­on-jack-every-day-under-new-rules

  • Oliver Dowden. Backwardness and insecurity rolled up into another aspirational toss-pot Alastair Campbell-ist. What is it with these flag-wanking culture-free wannabes. The despair is beginning to overwhelm me. And a CBE. Fuck me. What's the point.

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In the news

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