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  • Suspended account

    What did he whinge about?

  • Meanwhile, in Montana, someone has pulled down a Ten Commandments monument in the grounds of the local County Court with his pickup truck. That's some defiant secularism, there.

    Another one! the last one just filmed himself drove into it.

  • ^^ mcbain.gif

  • Something something, invading women's spaces, something something.

  • Sad day for HK. The national security law passed by CCP including sedition, secession, or subversion. All very vuage things that basicly mean if u go against the state you can be punished. Also the national anthem bill passed which punishes any one who disrepects the anthem up to 3 years in prison.

    Very sad day for HK.

  • Looks like we will get the details of the new laws about an hour before they take effect.

  • It's the end of any pretence at one country two systems. Very very sad day.

  • I think they took effect at 23.00. Shit.
    well shit

  • Yeah been a strange day here. Had some flag waving in some streets for the cameras for state TV media . But it was quite small. I think tomorrow may be quite messy. 😔

  • English-language state media here was crowing about Joshua Wong giving up and saying how the laws are needed to fight terrorism. CCP is just obsessed with fighting imaginary terrorism (see also: mass sterilisation of uyghers).

  • Yeah terrorism in HK amounts to a few molotovs which I admit are bad and pushing bins in to roads.
    trying to make my way through the law now via translate, heavy going in think I'll have a rum n coke instead. We have the holiday for the reunification tomorrow. Yay 🎉.😔
    yeah poor old Joshua think he's going to get targeted quite quickly. Don't agree with all his antics but he definatly had hk at heart.

  • Yeah I read that, really not good... :(

    Will it mean anything for you, bar the constant threat of scary overreaching laws?

  • I want to read the law but haven't had a chance yet, presumably it's published in English in HK? Or if it's coming from Beijing then only in Chinese? If so I can translate it for you when I get a chance.

    Totally forgot you have a holiday on the 1st (surprised we don't get one for liberating you!!). Enjoy your rum and coke and don't sing the anthem in a disrespectful way :(

  • I went to undergrad with the “Bar Lives Matter” girl. :’-) In our
    history class freshman year she asked if everyone in the plane on 9/11
    died. Then when our professor said yes, she yelled “OH MY GOD THAT’S

    It was 2014, and we were 18.­78041085160325120

  • No I don't think my day to day life will be affected. But suport for HK protests promoting any marches via social media may get you in trouble.

    @hats no English version released yet. But I'm sure more cleaver people will do a break down over the next few days.
    🥃. Cheers

  • Looks bad.

    As the article says, there are mechanisms for production and purchase elsewhere in this situation. If the drug is as valuable as the action of the US govt. seems to indicate it is, Gilead will need to do and will be doing deals with other production outfits elsewhere to meet demand.

    And if there is no demand...meh.

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  • Looks bad - and is a transparent attempt at damage limitation and to swing opinion that the administration is doing all it can.

    But a recent Forbes article on the company's pricing decision for the drug suggests it is not as effective as has been touted. So have they just bought up 90% of the world's snake oil production?­ltine/2020/06/29/the-other-shoe-drops-gi­leads-outrageous-pricing-of-remdesivir/#­360ebd0e8d1f

    I don't know enough about the treatment to have formed an opinion either way - this was not my area when I worked in pharma.

  • Edited: my mistake. Confused with something else.

    There are no words for how shitty this is.

  • So have they just bought up 90% of the world's snake oil production?

    Hah, I did wonder!

  • I think there is some hope that despite Remdesivir not improving outcomes of patients in multiple trials, it might be effective in combination with another medicine.

    Maybe the US knows something the rest of the world doesn't but it does feel like a strange gamble to take.

  • but it does feel like a strange gamble to take

    Using public funds to buy polling points? I reckon they probably figure it's hardly a gamble when it's not actually their money. And if they are behind in the polls, it's a shot to nothing, whatever the odds. Gives Trump his stock reply for the soon-to-come TV debates too... (Murican-made cure, bullshit, bullshit)

    I could be reading it all wrong though.

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In the news

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