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  • Not a huge difference in their political views but I'm aware of them squabbling.
    Kinda surprised me to see Piers into this crap

  • Am I being churlish to think that Captain Tom - now Sir Tom - got a bit lucky? What he did wasn't that difficult was it?

  • I haven't followed the story of Captain Tom, so I have no idea if the following, which applies generally, applies in the specific case here. With things that go 'viral', lots of people put forward roughly equivalent charity proposals/'amusing' videos/crap music/ etc., and more or less randomly one or a few acquire that snowball effect that buries all the others. All of these things are done all the time, and when there's something terrible going on there's an expectation that charity will happen. Then something 'captures the public imagination'--not surprisingly, because nobody can follow everything, and people have to prioritise what they look at and what they give to.

    I suspect in his case his military background may have influenced people into associating it with the inane war rhetoric going on, plus he may be charismatic enough to pull it off. But, as I said, I don't know.

    There is always a certain potential of charitable giving latent in society. It's almost never enough to actually address the issues that exist (only in small specific cases, as a rule, e.g. one family's call for help for the medical treatment of their child), in many cases the 'work' of charities makes them worse (justifying and perpetuating their own existence), it is based on a lot of capital being held to enable the giving, and it can be used as a smokescreen and distraction from all of the above and, conveniently, declining public funding. A lot of charitable giving provides people with much-needed emotional reassurance that things are in hand. People generally give with the best will in the world, but often fail to understand what caused the problems in the first place.

    This is not the case with all charities and all charity, as honourable exceptions apply, of course.

  • Captain Tom - now Sir Tom - got a bit lucky?

    In making a bunch of money and not giving any of it directly to the Tory party?

  • Classic Tory move. Knighthoods are free and flashy, actually putting money into the NHS less so.

  • This is my problem with the whole thing. Touted as a hero by the very people strangling the services that he is raising money for. And absolutely milking the tweed wearing, victory roll styling, bunting hanging bollocks of VE day. The tone deafness of it is.... deafening. Also, there was a piece the other day on the BBC that was set up to try and be a feel good number, about people donating laptops/tablets/devices to vulnerable families so that kids could do online school work. One family had I think 6 kids who all had to take turns on their dad's phone. Which meant that some of them never got a look in. Some saviour handed them a tablet and all was well. Not a single mention that providing these families with a device is the bare minimum that the Tory fucknuts are supposed to be doing. Just, "oh, look how generous we are as a nation". Fuck off. Individuals, yes, but be fucking angry that they have to in the first place! That this is happening, does not make me "feel good".

  • I have no issue with Tom, by the way. Good for him, truly. If you're 100 and lived through the war, call yourself whatever you want. And his gesture for charity should be applauded. The circle jerk in the BBC and Tory party that followed made me feel all face-punchy.

  • ^^The issue is that we're normalising what should be the fundamental actions of the state as acts of charity. There's a very small distance from our current situation to people running a "Go fund-me" for their insulin.

  • Theres an argument that the clap for carers thing normalises government shortcomings and the expectation that health care workers should be heroes who put themselves at risk too. Makes me quite uneasy.

  • Of course it does - if you make them heroes then when they die it's expected, as heroism always includes risk.

    If they were just ordinary people doing an extraordinary job then when they die it would be an avoidable tragedy that needed investigation.

  • Nope. To me, its people pinning yet another HERO status on something and devaluing the term. Can't move for heroes nowadays, it seems.­DD0

  • I agree that charities should not prop up fundamental shortcomings in support.

    But as covid is hitting their fundraising really hard I donate extra as unfortunately demand for many of these has gone up.

    I asked for recommendations first on a local group and got a list of ones everyone found helpful that actually went out to support.

    Some adapted really quick and are now doing videocalls instead of meetups. I'm really impressed by the smaller ones too.

    I guess I just gave up hoping it's going to change for the better any time hopefully the £ helps. It's not that we need holiday cash the way this going ;)


    "NHS porters and cleaners and social care staff have been left out of a Home Office scheme granting families of health workers indefinite leave to remain in the UK if they die of coronavirus, it has been revealed."

    Really... :(

  • This, this is it.

    What i hate is the fact that in a few years when this has stopped making page one of the papers. The government, doesnt matter which party, will quietly cut more funding and ham string more services until people are forced to an american style health system.

  • Not surprised.

  • What is wrong with these people... I thought that this whole crisis might be helping the inexperienced and relatively thoughtless leadership of this country to grow up a bit but the last couple of days have been deeply disappointing....
    If they're clapping on Thursday it'll be like that Blackadder line "Don't worry my boy, if you should falter, remember that Captain Darling and I are behind you.... About 35miles behind you". Sad times

  • What is wrong with these people... I thought that this whole crisis might be helping the inexperienced and relatively thoughtless leadership of this country to grow up a bit but the last couple of days have been deeply disappointing....

    For me, its been exactly as I expected them to be. Sadly.

  • doesnt matter which party,

    Eh? One has a track record of defunding, one has a history of investment and others claim they would invest.

  • Yeah I saw a post a while ago saying that at no point should we talk about this either as a "war" or as "heroes" and "sacrifices" since the deaths that are occurring are primarily due to the failures of governments to prepare before an emergency, and to take adequate steps once the emergency arrives.

    The language of heroes and sacrifice implies that nothing more could be done to help them

  • Some of you will die...but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make!

    [bad guy in Shrek 1] also comes to mind.

    Armchair psychology, obv. but Boris and Priti just don't seem to be able to learn anything about their own behaviour...

  • Also brings the war against Canada in South Park The Movie to mind.

  • There is so much Covid news, that anything else is kept to the margins. A good time for the fuckers to push things through with even less scrutiny than there would normally be.


    More people can stay if their VISA sponsor dies from coronavirus. But not all yet...

    Yvette Coooper: She said her committee had been "pushing on this for weeks", adding on Twitter that it would be "unthinkable to ask family who lost a loved one on the UK Covid social care frontline to leave their home & UK".

    But she said the government now needed to expand free visa extensions to cover care workers, NHS porters and care workers too.

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