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  • Originally turned in by a samaritans worker who got sacked, blimey. Rules are rules I suppose.

  • What a moral maze!

  • One of my mates reckons it’s staged, the same as the terror attack at the last election.

  • Slap his legs and call him a peemus.

  • The simplest explanation is that it isn't. Terrorist incidents happen at random intervals, plenty of them nowhere near an election. There's no reason to believe this was staged.

    Of course, it's not as if there's never been a false flag event (Hitler staged a few), so if your mate has some actual evidence, that' s different.

    He doesn't though, does he. He just feels smarter for saying it. So he's just one of the growing number of cunts spreading paranoia and making the world a worse place for the rest of us.

  • Harsh but (probably) true

  • was the narwhal tusk staged too?

  • Boris rocks up to say he's been proved right:

    "I have long said that this system isn't working. It does not make
    sense for us as a society to put people convicted with terrorist
    offences out on early release"­/1200777720608808960

  • It's not a political point. As you have noted, two people have died in what looks to be a hugely preventable attack likely caused by the effects of austerity.

    Also, fuck off with your righteous indignation.

  • Your post history just screams troll. All 4 of them.

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  • You could have just carried on with your life?

  • I think that is jumping to a conclusion - is there any evidence this was caused (in whole or part) by austerity?

    The police response was good (5mins armed team arrival is not shit) and the release was a result of sentencing law. There obviously are issues in policing and the criminal justice system arising from austerity - just not clear this is as a result of them?

    Interested to hear what the contrary argument is.

  • These are the type of public services that have really been cut under Tory austerity.

  • Thanks - I hadn't seen that.

  • It's not actual proof of this situation being preventable but there is some correlation between austerity and an increase in this sort of incident.

    Capitalise is probably the wrong word but a good opposition would use this situation to highlight the failings of a decade long program of austerity.

  • a good opposition would use this situation to highlight the failings of a decade long program of austerity

    They would be preaching to the choir, I suspect.

  • How is austerity responsible for an Islamist death Cult ? What sort of “ good opposition”
    Would use the the murder of two people to score political points , oh I forgot you must mean that anti Semitic Corbin one .

  • Fuck me. Develop some selfawareness.

  • Your right it’s far more like that Boris (that homophobia, islamaphobic, racists one) will tell the right wing press it was all Corbyn’s fault and the mail etc will put it all over the front page no questions asked.

  • I'm not surprised, but it's a quirk of the human condition that the death of these two people and the injury of others in this attack is so visceral.

    Austerity kills way more people every year than all the terror attacks combined.

  • What Johnson claimed was a load of old trousers:

    Usman Khan was released under a sentencing regime which no longer

    Johnson’s manifesto says not a single word about current Extended

    The minor changes he has proposed to automatic release would not have
    applied to Khan.

    Exploitative, dishonest, cynical.­us/1200790781033930752

  • I think that is jumping to a conclusion - is there any evidence this was caused (in whole or part) by austerity?

    I'd like to know what happened in the 8 years Usman Khan was in jail. The UK prison system tends to warehouse people and do very little to have a reasonable expectation their behaviour will be different at the end. Reoffending rates remain far too high and I don't recall politicians treating it as a high priority. There is a fair bit of evidence that conditions in prisons have deteriorated in the last decade or so which I think is likely to lead to disaffected and angry people still being that way when released (at whatever point of their sentence).

    I'm a hand wringing lefty liberal that thinks that when you have an angry 18 year old with mostly fanatical plots with his mates banging him up for a decade is just going to piss him off some more. Seems to have happened here. We probably needed to be doing more to integrate him into society when he was 13.

    I believe it's things like decent prospects and family ties that prevent attacks, not police or the threat of punishments. The relative success in Scotland in tackling knife crime has a lot to teach the rest of the UK IMHO.

    Hmmm, I think I'm rambling. I don't have the answers but I don't think 'bang them up for longer' is going to help.

  • Clearly letting them out early has been a fantastic Success!

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