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  • I'm not sure how that is comparable. Grenfell was a terrible tragedy because of how the whole thing was built (/ clad etc.), so objectively that's what led to there being so many deaths. In the case of the Cutty Sark, yeah, someone was just an idiot and forgot to turn a vacuum cleaner off. Wooden ships tend to burn when they come in contact with lots of heat or even flames, you can't change that and there's no 'systematic' problem with it the way there was with Grenfell Tower.

  • "All eyes were raised to the top of the church. They beheld there an
    extraordinary sight. On the crest of the highest gallery, higher than
    the central rose window, there was a great flame rising between the
    two towers with whirlwinds of sparks.."

    Victor Hugo, 1831.

  • Can you imagine the presence and impact of a Cathedral of that size on the local population, six or seven hundred years ago? I mean, the sound from its organ alone must have been the most spellbinding thing back then let alone the sheer fucking size of the thing.

    Must have filled you with the fear of God.

  • Radio 3 playing Louis Vierne, Philippe Lefebvre - Messe Solennelle.

    Vierne suffered either a stroke or a heart attack (eyewitness reports
    differ) while giving his 1750th organ recital at Notre-Dame de Paris
    on the evening of 2 June 1937. He had thus fulfilled his oft-stated
    lifelong dream — to die at the console of the great organ of

    An organ that size would console anyone.

  • He had thus fulfilled his oft-stated lifelong dream — to die at the console of the great organ of Notre-Dame.


  • Notre Dame was built in 1163 & took 200 years to complete.It survived
    revolutions, plagues & two world wars.

    It probably wasn't that bothered about plagues.

  • ... an idiot and forgot to turn a vacuum cleaner off

    Or rather, an idiot management structure that didn't provide the resources for fire wardens that would walk trough the site at regular hours removing flammable debris, carrying redundant gas canisters off the premises, checking that electrical equipment not currently in use was shut off, controlling that extension cords weren't overloaded etc.

    And the vacuum cleaner operator in question might have been interrupted mid-way trough his task by a tyrannical middle manager and not even given the chance to go back to turn off the machine. S/he could have been on a zero hour contract with no chance to come back the next day to shut it off, and lacking a chain of command trough which she could report that the hoovering was only half done. Erratic management on work sites is not unheard of.

  • shame on elon musk for not offering the services of his submarine in this time of national tragedy

  • The first day of the Saint Week... Such a sad coincidence for us frenchies

  • Must have filled you with the fear of God.

    That was the intention!

  • Those are all factors. Doesn't change the fact someone forgot to press a single button though.

    As to fire wardens etc., all of this costs money, which in cases like the restoration of historic sailing ships tends to be a bit on the tight side, and skimping on it at least generally does not put lives at risk.

  • Bloody hell. The western social media public grieving machine is back again.

    Any loss of history and beauty is rightly saddening but seriously, people need to get a grip. I can’t be the only one who is sickened by our western privilege and hypocrisy at times like this?

    Wait until they see what happened in Mosul - 3 years ago.

  • All this from a single powertool? Impressive

  • I don’t think it’s immoral to feel more affected by something you have direct experience of. Mosul’s destruction was tragic but i didn’t call out my Iraqi Kurdish friend for feeling worse about that than the destruction of the Bamiyan buddhas.

  • Clickbait and ill-informed.

  • Isn’t that exactly the problem?

    Of course we feel more affected by something we have proximity and experience with. But we also have the capability for unpacking our thoughts and seeing a wider picture and just possibly, before uploading another screenshot with a broken heart emoji, even recognising that it’s kind of weird we feel worse about the part destruction of one building, than the bombing and utter destruction of an entire city.

    Over 50 go fund me campaigns started by regular people and the total official fund raising is at over £600 million euro’s. For a building that caught fire less than 24 hours ago. Lol.

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  • I feel that the only way to meet this requirement is to be a Tralfamadorian and experience everything in all times simultaneously.

  • Nice virtue signaling, bro 👍

  • DIY thread >>>>>>>>>

  • Eek. Would probably land harder if you called me a snowflake instead of bro tbh.

    But good job in wrapping up my opinion and ending a discussion about the imbalance of public grief, with the current buzz phrase of choice. 👍

  • Tralfamadorian

    I’ve never heard of that word before, looks like an interesting term to deep-dive into.

  • Read Slaughterhouse Five

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