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  • Maybe not the best phrasing, but they have had political representation since C18th, and have had much better cultural protection and recognition than in many other countries. Along way from say Australia.

  • For balance, some fucking hilarious news emerging out of Norway.­575873

    Basically, the recently appointed Minister of Justice (roughly equivalent to Secretary of State for Justice) has experienced a series of incidents on his personal property; graffiti, setting fire to his wheelie bin, attempts to set fire to his car etc.
    This was put into context with a recent play at an arty theatre that went fairly far in suggesting the minister in question is a racist. A lot of politicians and media personalities held the theatre company "responsible" for the incidents, reasoning that the narrative of the play had provoked the events, perhaps even that the actors had somehow orchestrated them.
    Turns out the minister's missus disconnected the CCTV and did these things herself, while at the same time keeping up a stream of shrill Facebook comments about how unsafe she felt, as well as pointing the finger of blame at the theatre and its actors.

    So much fun.

  • He's the guy that turned up to a Nazi rally in Melbz and charged the taxpayer for the privilege... He must be destroyed...

  • Absolutely speechless.

  • Along way from say Austria.

    Did someone say Hitler?

  • Weepingly hilarious that he describes Islam as a violent ideology and then quotes a gospel to justify why a violent response should not be surprising.

  • Regarding concealed weapons there was interesting feedback from one of the bands at the Vegas massacre carrying their own guns. They said that not only did the weapon offer no protection in that circumstance but they greatly hindered the actions of the police as they had no idea who they were supposed to be shooting back at.

    And on that other guy, when Piers Morgan gets the high ground with you it's time for you to go.

  • People who were kicked out of 4chan for being too extreme. Lots of child pornography, white supremacist stuff etc. The point being, 4chan is already pretty fucking gross and these people were deemed too much for them.

    (and @dubtap in case you were interested)

  • whilst the chans of the world can all get in the bin, they are pretty fucking niche. Far more worrying is the fact that most social media networks are guilty of providing safe spaces for fascists to share their fucked ideas, unfettered by what could reasonably be considered even a passing attempt at protecting the vulnerable communities that are often the target of hate speech spewed forth on their platforms. Twitter and reddit are probably the most egregious examples, the excuse for not hoofing these cunts off their platforms seems to be the result of some misguided attempt to appeal to the sorts of enlightened centrist milquetoasts that think there is no greater virtue than providing equal opportunity to all opinions in the 'market place of ideas'.

  • A postscript on the Bloody Sunday killings. The worst crime was the cover up; the failure to investigate soldiers and officers, the deliberate distortions of Lord Chief Justice Widgery's tribunal.
    As a result the PIRA were given a massive recruiting boost. Terrorist activity increased and was exported to the mainland. The nationalist community were led to believe that there would be no justice from the British state and reacted accordingly.
    It was not until the UK government recognised the need to prosecute reckless soldiers some two decades later that the peace process began to bear fruit.

    The parallel today is how we treat ISIS fighters and their families. Should we allow them citizens' rights and subject them to a fair justice system or should we use cruel and unnatural punishments and strip away their rights? Our current policy will only serve to alienate young radicals, encouraging more terrorism.

  • The worst crime was the cover up;

    apart form the murders

  • Wasn't going to say anything but yeah, murder is a bit worse than lying

  • If the 14 murders in Jan 1972 had been properly investigated then most of the subsequent 3000+ murders could have been averted.

  • Bellingcat on the 8chan inspired "for the LULZ" elements of the fucker's manifesto and music choices in the stream etc.­world/2019/03/15/shitposting-inspiration­al-terrorism-and-the-christchurch-mosque­-massacre/

  • Jesus, what a depressing read. Time to switch off the internet.

  • Growing up in Zimbabwe I always thought our leaders were on some mad shit and envied Western democracies. These couple of years I've learn some new things about y'all.

  • Australia has been a strongly racist country for the last 230 years. Fraser Anning is a typical example of this tradition. According to his Wikipedia page:

    William Fraser Anning (born 14 October 1949) is an Australian dickhead who has been a Senator for Queensland since 10 November 2017

    since then he has resigned from the party that chose him and has been expelled from another party. So he is trying to set up a new party called the Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party. Other parties are trying to block it's registration and his former home One Nation has already registered many web domain names to block his.

    His Facebook posting below has twice as many likes as hates. Tomorrow he is travelling to Melbourne again to agitate against immigrant African muslims.

    He is unlikely to remain a senator beyond the next election in a few months. Last time he got 19 direct votes but was appointed on the strength of support for the One Nation party block. He then left One Nation.

    Next time he will need about 240000 votes (almost 8%) to get a seat. It will be interesting to see how many he gets. The Prime Minister is running an anti immigrant campaign. There are a lot of racists in Queensland but there are several political parties trying to get their votes.

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  • hmm.. just re-thinking the fiendishly complex voting system for the Australian senate. Anning will likely be running against a less well known One Nation racist candidate, if he got more votes and also got that person's preferences he could remain a senator for the next 6 years. My escape route from Brexit is looking bleak.

  • FFS, only yesterday Behind the Bastards dropped an episode examining some of the same stuff. It goes into some detail on the legacy of the book 'The Turner Diaries' which according to Bellingcat has inspired today's terror attack.

    Robert Evans describes how this legacy has inspired numerous far right terror attacks and only hours after the episode is uploaded that exact thing happens.

  • I just finished ep3 on Rockwell as well! I also thought it was a pretty grim confirmation of what they say there... :[

  • The Turner Diaries motivated Timothy McVeigh to blow up Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma.

    The book also features the bombing of the FBI headquarters.

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