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  • fucking hell

  • it's hard not to see why tragedies like this take place when solid gold cunts like this are elected to public office.


  • Twitter filling up with people saying it wouldn't have happened if they had guns in the mosques.

    In my experience, people who have actually been in a gunfight tend not to agree that concealed carry is a solution.

  • Wasn’t there also an earlier wave of immigration to NZ? To my knowledge that earlier wave didn’t work out particularly well for the local population. He may be confusing the two.

  • I know that a lot of house price pressure has been caused by outside property speculation. Has out a lot of pressure on NZ communities.

  • I think public opinion is building against this bellwipe and hope this guy and Pauline Hanson will be out of a job very soon, we can't tolerate this open divisiveness in our society...

  • Hello token Kiwi here. Its fucking awful what has happened and the worst I fear about is repercussions to NZ. Christchurch is full of skin heads and that is a known fact anyone that tries to deny it (the mayor) are just lying to themselves. fuck all the talk about the fact if people had guns this wouldn't have happened. If Trump didn't normalize / justify this in America then this wouldn't have happened. And fuck that Aussie government cunt don't blame the victims you two bit piece of shit.

  • Wow is that real?

  • I'd have thought the Maori are probably the most successful indigenous people in a colonialist society.

    But seriously, fuck that dude; "yeah that tragedy is bad an all, but you can see their point".

  • Astonishingly sad, dark times indeed.

  • I've seen it reported on Australian news, I saw a tweet that caused an uproar earlier but this is something else...

  • Wow.

    Wow is that real?

    It's being widely reported around the world so unfortunately we have to assume yes.

    It's fair to say the tone of the coverage is not positive so hopefully what TS said will come to pass...

  • "However,..."

    Holy shit.

  • I'd have thought the Maori are probably the most successful indigenous people in a colonialist society.


  • That however is pretty much literally "I'm not in favour of mass shootings, but...".

  • I'd have thought the Maori are probably the most successful indigenous people in a colonialist society.

    um, what?
    even if they are (and I don't know if they are) they've still been fucked over by colonisation, just like every other indigenous people I've ever heard of, it's hardly like they've done well out of it.

  • the letter from that fucking rockbiter in queensland is almost unbelievable.

    fuck me.

  • So the policy is not clear, I guess that means there's nothing to go on to sue the government for allowing COs to give the order to use live rounds?

    Bradley is looking like even more of an idiot now after the court ruled one soldier is going to be charged.

  • Just when the world feels like a truly horrible place to live, some good news­1483

  • "Thoughts and prayers" tweet to New Zeeland from Boris "Islam is the problem. Islamophobia seems the natural reaction." Johnson.

    Such a shameless turd.

  • Absolutely unbelievable.

  • apparently this turdwaffle is on record calling for "(a) final solution to the immigration problem".

    he's a fucking nazi and so is every cunt that put him there.

    which is why we all need to punch these fuckers until they're either a) not nazis any more or b) dead.

  • and so is every cunt that put him there.

    All 19 of them

  • Yeah, looking at his Twitter, the statement is completely in character. Which makes it even worse that he was elected in the first place.

  • He sort of wasn't. He came second with only 19 votes and the guy who won was later disqualified.

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