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  • Nike on fire.... literally too.

  • Nike is taking a risk but it may pay off.
    Trump supporters are outnumbered by those who despise him.
    (I have visited friends in DC and Maryland)
    The people who support Kapernick are the ones who buy expensive shoes and clothing, which has the highest margin.
    Trump's supporters do not match Nike's target market so there is little downside for Nike.
    I don't wear Nike but honestly feel like buying some of this Kapernick stuff just to spite DJT.

    Trump is going to blow a gasket over this, I can't believe he hasn't had a tweet rant yet.

  • they are about 14 dudes holding him down and trying to keep that phone out of his sweaty little hands

  • *Kaepernick

  • Loads of bullshit chatter that Nike stock has crashed. It's not even at a 14 day low and Adidas and Puma are similarly down.

  • Some short term risk but ultimately they’ll be on the right side of this debate come the next 10year anniversary.

  • I haven't verified this but I read earlier that last financial year was the first trading year where Nike sold more products outside the US than within. If true, this has to be part of the decision making.

    China was fastest growing Nike consumer, followed by Europe according to what I saw.

  • Of course, Nike or whoever they hired will be the best of the best.

  • Nike's business acumen far surpasses Trump's.
    Nike doesn't go begging to Russia.

  • I've not bought any Nike stuff since the old sweatshop boycotts but seeing as they're only now about as bad as most other companies in that respect, and better in this respect, I'd maybe consider it.

  • But they did sponsor a large number of Russian doping athletes, as well as the national athletics team.

  • They also sponsor Saudia Arabia football team.

  • Lance Armstrong, Michael Vick, Oscar Pistorius, Marion Jones, Tiger Woods, etc and so on

  • Hahaha! Exactly. Much hedging...

    And the England football team - oh the shame.

  • lol almost like activism through consumerism is a meaningless exercise.

  • Elon Musk is crackers - and I love it.

    The are some very odd noncey 50yo Brit types in Thailand but joining the dots to point the finger at this guy without any evidence is the work of a madman.


  • it's almost like he's disrupting libel law.


  • And yet the Net is still full of his fanboys, defending this shit and attacking his critics.

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  • Ha ha. James Bond fans knocked out far too early. And why wasn’t F1 in there? Strong contender.

  • Elon is on JRE tomorrow, so according to that chart should mobilise an army of fanboyz

  • Such sad news about Rachael Bland, really enjoyed her podcast about the big C as hard as it was to listen to it was very honest. It hits home evenmore given that we said goodbye to one of our close friends not 2 weeks ago and she was just 44.

    RIP Rachael Bland­/sep/05/rachael-bland-host-of-cancer-pod­cast-you-me-and-the-big-c-dies-at-40

  • Mmmm. Read this yesterday, very sad. Thoughts with family and all who knew her.

  • I think a lot of people would like to see Musk sued and loose.
    I feel pretty sorry for the cave rescue guy.
    I hope if he is planning legal action it's well advised and not with any financial risk to himself.

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In the news

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