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  • TBH the current system doesn't really fail that often, so it's not a vulnerability that comes up frequently. But radar's right ^^^^^ as there's always going to have to be a way to manually override automated systems. What if the systems fail and start automatically sending the plane into some mountains? If you can't override it then you're fucked. And it seems to me that "some kind of system failure" is more likely than "pilot goes mental".

    Edit: oh, beaten to it

  • Redacted

  • It comes to something when people would rather place their trust in a computer than a human being.

  • Its what will ultimately replace us anyway. We're just a meaty boot-loader.

  • Rise of the machines.

  • It's a normal reaction, really. When something goes wrong with a computer, we think "we mustn't rely on technology!", and when something goes wrong with a person, we think "we mustn't rely on humans!" And in between incidents we generally strive to strike a balance.

    (I would still like to see all cars replaced with robocars, though)

  • one thing you can rely on, a honeybadger ... to be freaking awesome
    let them fly the planes

  • I just want my toaster to work properly.

  • .

  • It seems like there is a low tech solution:­7nI

  • I just want my toaster to work properly.

    That's how skynet starts.

  • That's how skynet starts.

    That was this guy.

  • ^ It all started with those posh hoovers he invented.

  • Apparently he was a bit kurt with procedures / responses.

  • gr8 db8 m8 i r8 that 8/8

  • Dnt H8

  • I've worn a chuffing suit on the Watercress Line.

  • hawkwind.

  • Is this a piece of beat poetry?

  • who is she talking about and why is she encouraging us to vote for him?!

  • Ted Moribund, i imagine.

  • There is one good thing to come out the plane crash disaster- we got to see video footage of some of the relatives of those killed pulling up in a coach, visibly shaken, with some trying to cover their faces to avoid being filmed or photographed. I for one needed to see that so that I could understand what a tragedy it is- I thought it was a bit funny before.

  • will it raise the profile of the need for care for the mentally ill, or demonise people 'not right in the head'?

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