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  • anyone recently purchased individual groupset parts (not a whole bundle)? do they play ball with that? they seem very flexible on the website

  • That's fine - year before last I bought lots of different stuff - lights, tyres, clothes, bags and components with no issue ( Evans ).

  • I did this with Evans as well last year, I placed the order over the phone to make sure it was all ok. Bear in mind there are some things that you can't buy i.e. things that aren't reasonably for commuting only - I couldn't buy a Garmin mount.

  • I'm considering taking advantage of this (via CycleScheme, and probably Ribble) to upgrade my road bike to Di2. It would involve buying pretty much the whole groupset minus bottom bracket, chainset and brakes.

    This wouldn't be on my commuter, but how would anyone be any the wiser considering I cycle to work every day anyway? Shits just not given?

    Also, all the stuff about the end of term agreements refers to value of 'the bike', which wouldn't make any sense in this context. Returning it would obviously be a bit awkward as well. Does it simply end up being a proportion of the certificate value?

  • to report back on my endeavours, i bought £850 worth of dura ace, tyres, a gilet, pedals through wiggle's cyclescheme specific website. worked perfectly

  • Good to know, thanks.

  • also worth noting some retailers add a cyclescheme charge. sigma do this at 10% (cunts). but wiggle and evans don't

  • Cyclescheme does knock them for that kind of level of cost so...

  • Yeah they pay something like 10% in ‘admin’ which is a farce. SBC just charge for labour rather than take it from the parts which is fair enough.

  • oh I wasn't aware of that. bummer

  • Applied for this last Friday - very specific amount based on a shopping list at Ribble. Was approved on Monday. Certificate came through this evening.

    Tried to order stuff - just my luck - one thing not in stock. Fucksticks. Have emailed to find out when they might have it back in and whether they can hang onto the other stuff for us. Not sure what the alternatives are, although I still have the option of cancelling the whole thing.

  • Hi, apologies if it's been asked a million times before but which one's the best option at the end of the ride to work scheme, the extended hire agreement or taking ownership of the bike? I got a bike through the scheme a couple of years ago but never got any emails after the first year, so a bit surprised with the email from Evans yesterday regarding the second bike. Are there any risks with just extending the hire agreement? What happens if/when Evans goes bust?

  • Extending the lease gives the maximum savings.

    As a lease, the bike is not your property until it expires (at which point the market value of a £1k voucher bike is £70). Technically therefore administrators/liquidators may seek to reclaim the asset. But given the value and effort required I suspect this would never happen. Plus, you will have paid the full value of the 3 year lease extension up front, and therefore Evans would have realised the full value already

  • Thanks! That's what I thought. Fingers crossed!

  • So it looks like they are going to increase the £1000 limit which is fantastic news as most biles with a mid range groupset mudguard mounts etc are now well over that price point.

  • Yeah, new guidance released on Thursday removes the £1000 limit. Apparantly there never was a limit for large companies. Every time I read about C2W it gets more confusing.­will-now-be-able-get-bikes-worth-over-ps­1000-cycle-work-scheme#comments

  • The way I work it out C2W is actually more expensive than buying the bike normally.

    So I've got 2 questions (Ignoring the fact that my NHS Trust employer have said they wont raise the £1000 limit so I can't get the bike I want anyway) :

    1. My NHS Trust has outsourced C2W operation to a company, Vivup, who's terms make it clear that a disposal fee of 10% + VAT will be applied. No mention is made of the 5 year extension everyone cites. Are people really signing up explicitly to pay a disposal fee on the assumption that it will not be applied?

    2. Have any NHS workers looked at the pension impact? Assuming I retire at 70, I estimate this will cause a ~ £75 drop in my annual pension. (1/54 of £1000 with 3.5% re-valuation for 40 years, I'm 30).

    In which case, a £1000 bike only represents a ~£200 saving (low rate tax payer and 12% fee), and will cost me ~£75 a year in retirement till I die.

  • I'll try find how much I paid after the year was up. I was on the £1000 limit. Have you factored in how much you save from not have to pay for public transport?

  • I walk to work mostly, rarely cycle or bus. I want a foldable to avoid locking outside and to take in my small flat easily.

    Basically my Trust HR/payroll has outsourced C2W to a company which runs it for a profit and tipped it over into pointless territory.

  • Some enlightened employers offer bike loans as well (like a season ticket loan I guess?); the tax benefit isn't there, but it may mean you can get a s/h bargain.

  • It doesn't make sense at all. I've had 3 bikes on the scheme and each time it's more and more confusing.

  • Yeah that is a raw deal.

  • Are people really signing up explicitly to pay a disposal fee on the assumption that it will not be applied?

    My employer outsources it now too, to a company called Wider Wallet which I find ironic as it seems like they are out to open your wallet wide and help themselves.

    I did take a £400 voucher (for cranks and a truing stand) before it was through Wider Wallet and I didn't have to pay the disposal fee but there's noway I'm signing up to it again on an assumption.

    The wording from Wider Wallet is so fucking vague, it's something along the lines of "After your hire period your employer may allow you to keep the equipment and if they do there may be a disposal fee to pay which will be calculated blah blah blah". I don't know why anyone would sign up to something so vague (well actually I do, most of my colleagues are the kind of total morons that need to concentrate to read Daily Mail articles so no fucking surprise they haven't read the Ts and Cs).

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Cycle to work scheme

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