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  • I've always liked a crease, when I first read the other rule I thought it was far too strict and any kind of screening was out in favour of basketball scores rather than football scores. It seems that it's just the close quarters obstruction that's out in the videos. I'm not too sure we do much of that round these parts anyway. Wording could be more clear though.

  • http://www.nahardcourt.com/ruleset-v4-5-­for-the-2015-season/

    The proposed rules have been approved, and will be the rules used in NAH tournaments this year. I hear Australia are also approving it's use right now, so it would almost certainly be the ruleset for the worlds next year.

    Please make sure to tell @Purple_Reign how much you hate it while he's in London. ;)

  • @John_H - Et tu Hayes? Now dab, Alias.

    Shit rolls down hill, and I promised Joe that I'd throw him under the pedicab if the NAH rules came up!

  • Ha!

  • Nothing stopping us from playing ruleset 4.3 until July, 6 months should be long enough to adapt to 4.5 for the worlds, right?

  • Are many NA teams making the trip to NZ?

  • Not sure at this point. Not all the top ones I expect. I know Portland are planning on going.

  • One rule to rule them all!

  • ban checking around the sides. #savethehorses

  • EHPA will push for testing the obstruction rule in next tournaments around, as they can try it on a intersting scale if they try it in every small leagues around Europe.

    I definitely want to try a game where i'm not thinking first "where should i go to be in the path of the guy who try to steal the ball from my teamate". Maybe it will suck because of our sport specs, maybe not.

  • still missing the B man....

  • Latest obstruction rule:

    §8.7 – Obstruction - NEWEST DRAFT

    §8.7.1 - A player who is not in possession of the ball is entitled to attempt a fair play on the ball/ball carrier, and is entitled to free and open movement on the court to gain offensive/defensive positions.

    §8.7.2 - An obstruction penalty will be assessed when a player who is not in possession of the ball actively impedes the movement of an opposing player who is not in possession of the ball.

    § – This movement, referred to as ‘screening’ or ‘picking’, will be defined as using bike movement and position to abruptly or continously block an opponent from gaining access to the ball, blocking them from challenging the player in possession of the ball, or peventing them from free and open movement to gain a defensive/offensive position on the court. A player can be in the way, but they cannot get in the way.

    § - The referee will determine obstruction based on:
    the proximity of the ‘screening’ player to their opponent.
    the proximity and timing of the ‘screen’ in relation to the play.
    the duration of the ‘screen’.
    any abrupt changes in speed and intensity of the ‘screen’.

    § - When the ball leaves the immediate vicinity of the player in possession, that player can no longer be 'screened' and an obstruction penalty will be assessed if the 'screen' is held to prevent them from contesting the loose ball.

    § - When contesting a loose ball, all players challenging for possession must move towards the ball or concede the ball. Natural impedance of a player based on position and movement will not result in an obstruction penalty, however, if a ‘screen’ is used to allow a teammate to gain possession of the ball uncontested an obstruction penalty will be assessed.

    §8.7.3 - If a ‘screen’ is set that is stationary or momentary an obstruction penalty will not be assessed, however legal bodily contact as described in §10.3 is allowed.

  • Yeah. Joe got a lot of feedback, from Europe too, and based on that added a paragraph to explain the purpose of the rule, and some specific situations.

    I heard everyone who played with Obstruction at Nuremburg last weekend really liked it.

    We didn't play with it this weekend, and there was some really shitty looking play on display at times, but Timmy's team, with a super clean, no-block passing game ended up winning anyway.

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Polo Rules

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