Tricks and Skids

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  • more people dont because the caliper gets in the way? and also because of having a quill stem.

    that or didn't think it would work since the caliper isn't exactly designed for that, also it's fixed wheel, they already have a brake in the first place.

  • :P

    wtf i thought you where in a test?

  • Tell me more about that caliper Lurker!

  • I thought my name wasn't very fitting anymore, so I've been updated!

    The caliper is just a standard road one from an old Pug. I flipped the cable routing so that the cable comes in from the bottom instead of the top (easy enough to do as it's just two nuts to undo). Et voila, a barspinable front brake.

  • hahahaha

  • Thanks for the input kyle!


    Fixed haha

  • your welcome

  • I wonder what Ted would be like on a BMX?!

  • Fuuck that's yuge. Phil you got a plug yet?

  • New wheels coming soon to a stair set near you....... :p

  • I wonder what Ted would be like on a BMX?!

    He's handy though a better skater..

  • His brother Tom is pretty shit hot on a bmx, mad g-turn skillzzz.

  • Yeah those g-turns were unbelievable!

  • Word.

  • Wow, this thread really is dead!

  • Because it's shit.

  • Woah, steady there. Who are you anyway?!

  • I need a serious answer. My friend who rides with a rear disc has broken THREE of them skidding. I also ride with a rear disc, and don't want it to break. Is skidding worse for track discs than it is for other wheels? I have no problem with not skidding but obviously I just want some clarity on the whole thing. He is quite a bit taller/heavier than me

  • Yes. Skidding breaks disc wheels. They are not designed for that. Stop breaking all the disc wheels.


  • Serious answer is obvious, as said by poopooface.

    What disc wheel do you have? If its a track disc it will be tubular (dont think they make clincher track discs that dont cost grands) and you should not skid on it. I have a clincher road disc converted to fixed and it feels solid but I very rarely skid with it and if I do, I try to put as much weight forward as to lower the resistance pressure on the hub itself. Im quite skinny which is also a bonus.

    My 2p of advice, don't bother with a tubular disc for riding brklz daily, its only gonna break and make you cry. Sell the disc, get a nice wheelset. If you have a fixie disc, you will also prob want a trispoke on the front for mega slave points too so get one of those first. DYR an buy a clincher road disc on ebay etc. then convert using a spnk fixxer and only use it for special occasions aka spfg rides or other hhslave rides.


  • just dont skid on a disc. the hub will unbond from the carbon or the forces involved with skidding will force the whole thing to shatter into 1,000,000 pieces

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Tricks and Skids

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