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  • Fuck yeah. I'm 100% in for merging the codes.
    Hopefully the ABs/Kangaroos chat actually comes to a game.

  • I grew up playing both and watching both. I'd hate a merge.

  • Won't someone think of the fat lads??

  • I reckon it'll make economic sense

    It'll basically be league, but with more teams

  • I grew up playing both and watching both. I'd hate a merge.

    Same. I used to love being able to switch and play all year when the beer made me too fat to play cricket...

    Fizzy's right though; it does make economic sense - and Australia would be right back in the international frame too, with all the woes there in their union setup at the moment.

    Can't see the blazers buying it in the short term though.

  • It might make economic sense from a league perspective in the UK and NZ, and a union perspective in Oz, but you would lose all of the specificity and nuance of union which would be a massive shame and a price I'd much rather not pay.

  • What would be the rules tho? You'd have to creat a new code.

  • It would have to be basically league - you couldn't realistically ask league players to scrum or line-out, and probably not ruck either... so what's the point. I'll be curious in the mooted Oz-NZ game but can't see any realistic future for the experiment beyond the odd one-off...

  • You'd have to creat a new code

    Yup. It'd be like when someone comes up with a new 'standard' BB - just another one to add to the list...

  • I once watched Irish under 18s play Ozzie under 18's at a cross-code gaelic football/Ozzie rules. It was shit, no-one really knew what was going on, but for entertaining punch-ups no doubt caused by the general confusion and frustration of the bastardised rules it was one of the most fun matches I've seen...

  • would be a massive shame and a price I'd much rather not pay

    Oh, I agree for the game's sake. But then it's not about the sake of the game anymore, sadly. It's a product.

  • I think they were trying to bring back the "International Rules" series (cancelled this year for obvious reasons). There is one scheduled for 2022.

  • Owen Farrell, you dickhead...

  • Yeah, that was a shocker.

    As a Exeter fan, this restart is going rather well. It appears we have the best team in the league currently, and our seconds aren't too shabby either!

  • our seconds aren't too shabby either!

    Don't remind me (Bris here)...

  • Ha, to be fair I was slightly amazed by that match, still not quite sure how we won, and gets you back for doing it to us earlier in the season.

  • Chiefs!!!

  • Very enjoyable final.

  • As a chiefs fan, by heart rate has still not returned to normal

  • Very enjoyable final.

    Two very enjoyable finals

    Congratulations Sam_w/Exeter!

  • Two very enjoyable finals

    fucking leeds argh what is point?!

  • Sorry. No skin in that game for me. Loved that first Salford try - great awareness.

    I enjoyed Friday though...

  • vision and awareness! to be fair Salford did well to score three times with as little territory as they had. fuck, though. I have such a soft spot for them

  • The fat lady has yet to commence the vocal warm up. Fantasy 6N back on for a climactic err, climax next weekend

    Oh yeah, and the BaaBaas. I mean, i've played in plenty of bad weather at times and in places I'd really rather not. I'd never thought of doing something to get the came called off though!

  • fucking melbourne - the leeds of the nrl

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