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  • England hugely impressive here. Ireland haven't had a sniff.

  • It's that time of year again! I.e. the time I'm reminded that this thread should be titled 'rugby union'.

  • Well now

    As good as England and Scotland where today in the 15’s, Warrington were perhaps the most impressive side playing today.

    Challenge cup has just started as well....

  • What's wrong with union? Esp at this time of the year? You sound disappointed.

  • Scotland won but got lazy on defence.

    Good to see England beat Ireland. France next though.

  • They were down to 14 and made 3 changes, at that point, to be fair.

    Hoggs disallowed try was excellent/a joke as well.

    England played very well, but is that their one decent game for the tournament?

    Feel bad for Ireland, but they seemed off the pace and nervy

    Wales have a very strong shout for the overall I reckon. As Gatland said at the writers dinner, “if we beat France in Paris, we will win the tournament”.

  • This has got to be wire's year

  • I do hope so, Blake Austin should be a banging signing. looks like it will be a very competitive and enjoyablly unpredictable season though, with the rule changes made

    Although the season has already offered up one dissapointment, with Millom knocking Red Star Belgrade out of the CC. I blame @cagimaha

  • Coming from rugby league country I have some sympathy but this is a southern based forum and RL is a minor sport in comparison.

  • So stop moaning and talk about league if you want to, no ones stopping you.

  • Phenomenal six nations from Wales. Well deserved.

  • Is England really pissing away a 31 point lead?


  • I left my mates house when England were 31 up, now it's 31-31. WTF?!?

  • Mad game, amazing second half from Scotland. England have a massive leadership problem though, Farrell is a liability as captain.

  • James Haskell joining MMA apparently, first fight expected in 2020...!­l-arts/49431626

  • I expect him to end up with Mike Tindall's old nose (or Mike Perry's).

  • Less than a week to go...............

  • Not even started yet and there's a scandal brewing:­­e-world-cup/

    Still looking forward to some free-to-air sport through the autumn though.

  • Ironically, I'm off on a cycling trip with friends from the rugby club this weekend so will miss a lot of the opening games. But looking forward to some work distractions.

  • What were the odds of that happening?

  • Howler living up to his name!

    TBH even my most myopic Welsh rugby mates don't rate him that highly as a coach, so it may be a blessing in disguise (for Wales).

  • Poor planning or the cycling equivalent of sitting behind the sofa watching through your fingers?

  • Bit of both I think as it is an English club..

  • If they're worried about Tonga what are they going to be like with France or Argentina!

    I've got a slight issue I'm the team manager for Bobbo Jr's mini team and have been asked to pull training forward so that kids and parents can watch the match in the clubhouse. This left me stood with a quivering lip mouthing "but what about the Scotland match". Luckily the club has me covered and will tape the match to be shown after the England one, now all I need to do is forget my phone and threaten to chin any cunt who tries to tell me the score before the match is shown.

  • Yeah, half tempted to handlebar mount my phone and watch everything on the fly

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