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  • could get a custom Squarebuilt like this?

    bar spins ahoy...!

    It does look a bit odd but it belongs to Joe Krillz in NYC and he's must be at least 6'4", i had a ride but was feeling like i was being internally examined by the saddle!

    Oh... and the fetching Mauve paintjob is actually kinda like 3M reflective so the whole bike glows/reflects at night... looks great... and Rospa would love it....

  • I can't beleive some of the posts on the last couple of pages. You want a Brooklyn Gangsta but can't afford one so get a Peruvian to make a cheap copy for you ?

    That ain't right. Joe is a decent and honest guy. I'd be mortified if my work was ripped off. If you want a Brooklyn save up, contact Ged the hed and he will sort you out. Otherwise just buy a bike you can afford.

    If you do go ahead with making the copies I know more than a few Brooklyn owners / fans that would be offfended.

  • I know a few angry fans that own angle grinders too.

  • You'd be better off getting a rigid mbt frame and fork and getting ted to repace, fit track ends and remove braze ons e.t.c

    Bike would be made of better steel plus you would not be ripping someone off.

  • Does Joe have a patent on this? it seems unlikely as things of this nature fall under intellectual property laws. Copyright laws also very between countries. You simply can't stop people making similar bikes as you (unless of course they're hawking them as your product, then you'll need an injunction). You can't protect angles or sizes of any bike from being used. I do however agree that the work the BMW do is world class from inception to finish.

    In London famous London there is a high risk your bike will get stolen, being mindful of this I'd agree with Tommy's approach to building a trick bike. From the sounds (and price) these builds will be really heavy & maybe a bit ugly. That isn't offensive as no comparison may be drawn.

  • It's the lack of respect that bothers me Charco....i understand that people are free to copy and do what they like but i'm not about to say nothing about it on this occasion when it's a company i know and love and a friends hard work being ripped.
    Just mentioned it to Ged the importer when he called to tell me about my big link...he thought it was pretty fucking disrespectful too to link blatantly to Joes plans. fat pants says....he's since changed the design so i've tethered the hounds again...:)

  • Hmm, tempted to not get it due to all this.. All depends on what the other guys wanna do. Shipping will still be cheaper if i pull out, for the other 2.

    But, this doesn't mean i'm gonna buy the brooklyn, because i'm definitely not.

  • If it helps yur decision, i've seen something which i can mould into the bike i want, for less than this would cost.

  • Why don't you guys just get a BMX? You can pick a cheap one up for less than £100 and you can do far more tricks on them.

  • Sorry Scott, no disrespect intended. As i said BMW are world class. I was just expressing my understanding of copyright law in these matters. Personally I've no intention of getting another bike.

  • shameless plug, but i still have this for sale...

    24" wheels. 250 notes.

  • I've ridden bmx, i've ridden 24" street/dirt, fixed tricks are the most fun out of em all.

    So eyebrows, you ok if things don't go through? Just a case of talking to festerban now.

  • Don't be put off by what i've said man....i may not agree...but if you've changed the design then all is sound.
    There's no better feeling than designing something yourself then getting it made...i used to design all my old x-country race bikes and it's a great feeling when you go ride it knowing that you designed it yourself.
    Which is why i'm saying if you remove that part from the whole process it's far less satisfying.
    Have a proper think about it and see if you can come up with something unique to you guys...then get it'll be a great feeling.

  • Well it's still pretty similar to the brooklyn, just made some changes to suit us.

  • Well then all is good with the world...enjoy it man! And sorry for any bad feelings...i just get a bit defensive where BMW is concerned!

  • Na it's cool.

    Well i'm fairly sure i'm gonna be pulling out and just getting a Plug or similar.

  • i've found a cheaper 9er.
    which is more what I want + is in england.

  • Sweet!

  • Looks like a failed venture then, I was talking about this to someone and he's willing to GIVE me his old trick frame now that he's got a new build up and running, 70 quid was good but not as good as free ;). With regards to the ripping off issue. I was of in the same boat as everyone else, would love to get a BMW but have nowhere near the cash as well as not knowing if I would really be getting maximum use out of a bike that would mainly be for using when bored, hence buying a cheapo machine with a view to buying a proper jobby if it turned out that I used it all the time. As someone else stated, a bike is more than it's geo, a bmw is obviously superior in all ways. If anything doing things this way may have gotten an *extra *for BMW as I may have liked the bike so much but wanted to get the real deal that I would have ended up getting one rather than wondered about it but decided against it due to cost to use weigh ups.

    /2 cents

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Trix frame geo

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