US import duty / tax

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  • I don't think anyone has issues with paying it, the point of this thread is that it isn't clear what you will be charged.

    Will there be duty and at what rate?
    Do all imports attract 20% VAT?
    Will ParcelForce add £50 just to do their job?

  • Thanks all.

    I managed go source all the bits separately from EU suppliers in the end, which worked out a couple of hundred quid cheaper all in (given the estimated taxes etc).

    It involved a costing spreadsheet: fun times!

  • Wait .. its not funded by the 8pm clapping?!

  • The receipts from import duty wouldn't put dent in nhs budget
    The real source is income tax and NI and VAT.

  • yes, you're right. but in declaring a lower value for imports you also recieve a lower VAT bill. So it comes to the same thing, and I really have a problem with it. very few bike imports are essential, on the whole they're luxury goods, so imo the taxes and duties shouldn't be avoided. I am fully aware it goes towards funding some horiffic things (nuclear weapons, prisons, Boris Johnson's salary for example) BUT it does fund some good, and a welfare state can't exist without it. on a forum that so readily sings the praises and necessity of services provided by the state, that tax avoidance is so readily discussed and encouraged I find shameful.

    if you really can't afford to pay it, or really hate the state then that's your call and what you do with your money is your call. and yeah, the fifty quid you might pay importing a frame from the US isn't going to pay off the national debt. but at least the two things should be connected so you can make that decision yourself.

    (obviously the 'you' is a general 'you', not directed at anyone in particular)

  • I hope so.

    Also, I recently used to import a bike from the US and, though not the fastest option, you pay all the taxes and duties upfront (in fact they'll be included in the quote) so you won't be charged a handling fee for fronting the duty/vat bill. It works out cheaper and as far as I can tell they're a decent company. Fully reccomend for frames / bikes from the USA.

  • *Fresh off the press *

    Looks like Royal Mail now has time to intercept Chinese parcels and charge as they please...

    That's for a £50 Ti seatpost I bought from AliExpress.

    VAT = £3.10
    Handling Fee = £8

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    • Customs China.JPG
  • I mean that is odd. a £50 bike part should be subject to 20% VAT plus 4.7% duty. The parcelforce fee is obviously obscenely high for the cost of fronting the £3.10 but it looks like you got away lightly for the rest of it.

  • That's what I mean - they are all doing a half arsed job with customs.

    IMO - As long as they get a juicy handling fee from themselves, then that's the important part

  • I'm sure you're correct

  • All I ask for is consistency :-)

  • right... just bought a bike from the US, the cost was $3,149.... import duties were £1,054.82

    ouch tbf (but expected)

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US import duty / tax

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