US import duty / tax

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  • You might have to fill in a form or two but you can ship them as personal effects (if you bought them in the EU and haven’t had VAT/duty refunded on export).

  • Got it. Thank you. My mum, who is visiting in October, has said she’ll take it back for me on her flight as sports equipment so I’ll look into forms to give her just in case. Definitely haven’t had VAT refunded on it - used it for two years in the U.K. before I moved to the U.S.!

  • If I ship something back to the U.K., that was purchased in the U.K. and has already had VAT paid on the goods, I'm still gonna have to pay VAT, right?

    Nope. I did this. Shipped personal items (that I bought in the U.K. and owned for years) back to the UK from USA. There is a form I had to fill out and attach to the outside of the boxes. They never even looked at the forms as they were still attached to the boxes when they arrived at my parents in the UK.

    I also took a bike (on the plane) to USA then back to UK after a long time. I just walked through customs. Not sure how they could prove where it originated from.

  • Yes VAT is due.

  • Shipping updates from me:

    Ordered a hub from some eBay guy in Russia. Posted 24th August by the 29th August it was "Prepared for shipment from Russia" - still there.

    Ordered two rims from the USA - Sent untracked. Been waiting since 3rd September.

  • I think there are some mega delays in mail imports. Which is odd because you can't find anything about them or the possible length of such delay online.

  • I ordered some dynamo gear from Rene Herse. With Priority Shipping from Seattle it still took the better part of a month to arrive. It should be here tomorrow as it was stopped at the local depot for for customs, VAT and PF's bargain £12 fee.

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US import duty / tax

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