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  • the threshold to pay import tax has been raised to £105!


  • still have to pay VAT over £22 tho...

  • exchange rate has taken a turn for the worst too, gone were the days when it was two dollars to the pound..
    dont know how favorable it will turn out ordering stuff from the US, might be a bit cheaper

  • the threshold to pay import tax has been raised to £105!


    Do you mean import duty or VAT?

  • tough question . anyone got a rough idea on import duty on a bike from the us. cost about 350 quid.

  • I think its about %30
    not 100% sure though

  • Your seller would be able tell you firsthand.

    Duty will be payable on both consignments individually. That further includes the Parcelforce clearance fee (£8) on each consignment if sent via USPS Priority/Express.

    If it was shipped via courier (eg. FedEx, UPS), each consignment also attracts individual charges for duty. You will most certainly be paying duty in this case.

  • Befriend a member of the US military based in the UK and enjoy tax/VAT free shopping coupled with domestic US postage prices.

  • what's the import duty now ? there are few things I want to order from Italy (Dodici).

  • That's in the EU, so $0 I would think?

  • Dredging up a thread but has anyone bought anything from the US recently? I bought 4 t shirts from gearfixie and they cost about $20 in total plus shipping of $18.

    I've got a note through the door from Royal Mail saying I owe £47.20 (inc £8 handling charge) for the t shirts. A bit steep is an understatement as that is a tax of something like 120%

  • Last week I got a package that my friend posted me, it was some t shirts and pannier bags with a marked value of $100, shipping was $60. I paid £20 in duty (and £12 was Parcel Force's fee).

  • Cheers, guess I'll pop down with the invoice and see if I can argue over the amount. It'll just get sent back if I have to pay that much as just not worth it for a couple of t shirts

  • I've no problem paying rax but a rate of over 100% seems steep so hopefully there was a miscalculation. £40 tax on $19 worth of t shirts?

  • Could the decimal point be in the wrong place? Import tax on clothing should be 20%. You should be able to take it up with Parcelforce, or HMRC

  • 12% import duty for cotton t-shirts on the $20 ~ £14
    20% VAT on the £14, and on the ~£11 shipping
    ~£30, then add the £8 handling

    You may have been dicked on the estimate of the value of the t-shirts, if the value was not declared on the parcel

    Valuing the t-shirts at £5 would give a cost of ~£48

  • Do you have a friend or any family in the US? Work contacts? Get US bought stuff shipped to them - depending what you're buying shipping to inside the US can be free. Then get friend/family member to ship USPS international as a gift, marking down the value. Works for me every time.

  • Easiest way is to expect 25-30% of the overall declared value (including p&p) to be added as tax etc. I've shipped lots and if u go with this it helps budget the best. T

  • I've got a used frame $550 USD. Plus shipping is approx ~100 usd.

    Its an individual on a forum such as this so they could just mark 'gift' as @d-goods pointed out, which means a rate of 2.5%? based on the above link.

    Is that way off-base?

  • for reference, I just imported a frame+forks from the USA, paid 20% VAT and 14% duty + £12 fedex charge on both the shipping and the original item. Marking as a gift makes no difference

  • Bought an enve garmin mount for $40 when there were none available in Europe back in Feb, paid $42 for shipping so it got here "within a week" rather than the only other option which was 15-30 days.... Thought £60 wasn't too bad for something that hadn't been in stock anywhere for months and wasn't planning on being in stock until April with a GB RRP of £50.

    It "arrived in the UK" just two days after i had ordered it - JOY!

    When tracking it on the USPS website it said it was no longer in US so i should use Parcelforce.

    When using Parcelforce it said it wasn't in the UK so i should use USPS.

    It stayed like this for FIVE WEEKS.

    I finally got a letter though from Parcel Force SIX WEEKS AFTER I ORDERED IT demanding £20 for import tax, handling fees and excise duty etc.

    After paying up it was delivered about a week later.

    £80 and about two months. Fuck my life.

    The moral of this story: don't ever order anything from the US ever. ever. fucking waste of time and money.

  • It probably was sitting in a Parcel Force building somewhere all that time of course.

    I bought an item from the US through ebay recently, used their Global Shipping Program so paid all import duties etc up front and no waiting about for letters.

    Item made it across the US in about 48 hours, flight to the UK took about another 10 hours then parcel force took almost a week to get it from the middle of England to Glasgow.

  • what's the going rate for importing a frameset from USA?

    shipper uses this

  • about 20ish% of value

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US import duty / tax

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