Thursday Night Riding

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  • yeah, was good to meet people tonight.

    if anyone else on here is thinking about meeting up, i'd highly recommend it. everyone seems nice and sound.

    i'll be there next week, if the weather's ok

  • id like to drop by this week, but i'm going to see four year strong and new found glory who i couldn't care about at the academy on thursday, the weather will probably be dog! though next week?

  • I think it's supposed** t*o be a dry Thursday this week, albeit a c*old *one*.
    Sure, next week. Hell, every week. I'm sure s****ome ****of us will be *out, if it's dry.
    I didn't sh
    *ow**** last week, I went h*ome fr*om w*ork and straight t*o bed, I was in n*o state t*o ride but ****I heard that I missed *out. Which is g*o****od. **

  • You did mate, nice route up and over the downs.
    Bitch of a climb up there from under the suspension bridge though..
    show yourselves people.

  • sorry folks, my bike is in bits unrideable, but when its done, its on...

  • Could be dry tomorrow...

  • whoop whoop?

  • Ill be down there from about 6.30 ish
    should be gert

  • aye up gents, I've just signed up for the forum

    The good ol' fixie thursday was fun, not been down for ages because of the rubbish weather (was with Danny & Luis & Alex from Fifty when we first came down), but be good to get out again properly when the weather gets a bit nicer!

    Merry Christmas y'all

  • It's been rather bitter out at late, but once you're going it's fine. Not sure about this Thursday though, New Years Day is gonna be a groggy affair.

  • I'll be riding down with Blankface and a few others later on - who else is on it? According to the BBC we should expect light showers at around 7 but fuck the weather. If worse comes to worse we can always mission jacobswell road carpark or somewhere else covered.

  • ehh AdotK back in the gamez.

    some backweards circling of cark parks wouldn't go amiss.

  • I was working late tonight...I got out of work just in time to ride home with the guys, I guess they didn't catch up with anyone from the forum tonight, huh. Hmmm, anyone good for a ride any other time just shout on here. I have a day off tomorrow, so...I will be riding most of the day. This band of rain is supposed to clear and another isn't expected until tomorrow evening, which is supposed to pass, just enough time for beers...I guess.

  • No worries, we ended up taking refuge in the top floor of park row carpark. Nice and dry. We rode down to the docks but no-one was around. It was that shit sort of rain; light but constant. After 5 minutes I was soaked, roll on the summer!

  • After a day of no rain whatsoever, I was really looking forward to a ride!

    I went into my flat to get my bike and all was grand until in that 2 minute gap between leaving home and reaching Fifty Fifty it started raining and didnt stop.

    And that put an end to that, we ended up doing a bit o maintenance on the beasts and talking about bikes, as opposed to riding them.

    I second that AdotK, roll on summer!

  • yeah i know that feeling! just spent a couple of hours tweaking, changing new bits and making things nice... then when i'd finished andw anted to ride it, it had started raining!

    cannot wait for some nice weather again

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Thursday Night Riding

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