On-One / Planet X bikes and components

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  • Flip the bolts into the threaded side, place a coin in the gap, tighten the bolts?

    That’s one to remember.

  • Only thing I can think it might be is the starnut is slightly wonky and causing friction in the bolt causing it to spin but not move up... who knows. I’ll drill the top bolt head off in the morning and then there is absolutely nothing holding it on.

  • Nice. is that 27.5 or 29? Sorry, I don’t have the tool you need!

  • 29er.

    Bought tool for £25... cranks only cost me £35! Cannondale chainring tool heading to the classifieds shortly :)

  • I hope this is the right place for my question. I am buying a MTB/touring bike for my partner to cruise around bridleways and b roads. She didn't get along the dropbar of her Arkose. I am thinking to go for a Bootzipper, but I am wondering if a Big Dog with a rigid fork would ride the same, or is the head angle going to be wired just for cruising? Thanks

  • You could save yourself some money and put flat bars on the arkose

  • As phildas mentions. I’d consider just changing the bars unless there are more things she’s not content with on the arkose

  • Thanks for the asnwer. I made it too simple: she tried a Big Bro and she liked more because of big volume tires, upright position, 1X configuration. I thought to change the Arkose to flat bar but I have to change shifters and brake levers and possibly brakes (BR-RS505)... make it 1X... maybe go 650b for tyre volume. So I thought it may be easier to sell her bike and go for a BigBro like bike, like the Bootzipper

  • I’d go bootzipper then!

  • How do you contact these people?!

  • Finally we sold the Arkose yesterday and I was ready to oreder the Bootzipper when and I found out the price changed. I ended up buying a Ribble Adventure 725

  • Is anyone else unable to see any frames on the planet x website? I can only see full bikes for sale

  • Yep, I saw that yesterday.

  • Considering getting the Selcof Gravel+ fork while I am waiting for a fork that I really want.

    Is anyone using it? How is it?

  • I ordered some tubes etc from planet x on Tuesday lunchtime, and they were delivered Wednesday morning! Amazing! Had the box in my hand before I got the despatch notice!

  • Looking at on one MTB options - anyone got any experience with Hello Dave or Scandal models?

  • Hello Dave is pretty out there in terms of geo, the new Scandal is a bit more normal.

  • Hoping someone on here has one in a size S I can test ride in the future as I really like the look of it actually

  • Good job I don't have a Facebook account.

  • My phone is getting locked away tomorrow else n+1 = rhb the street dweller.

  • Finally built this up.

    Not shabby for a sub £500 rig in the end! It's not exclusively for me - it's our new child carrying rig. Lucky the Mrs is tall so we can share duties on this XL Scandal. Tyres will likely be changing to some Aspen's for tow path bashing and general road use for summer.

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On-One / Planet X bikes and components

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