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  • hi forum friends. Anyone got any idea where i can get off the shelf single speed wheels with a 135 OLD to fit my 135 OLD baby blue Pompino? Currently running miche pista track wheels with 130 axle that barely fits in but could do with a spare set. Failing that regular cassette wheel(s) that I can convert to single speed.
    Oh, and ideally tubeless ready, fixing puncture with track bolts can be such a faff

  • Just under £150 w/ forks.

  • So glad that’s not a large... wallet happy.

  • 29'er frame is 199 pounds frame + fork + thru axles. Stupid to think I could finish a build for cheaper than the 29'er sram sx PX have for 699 pounds?

  • Or even the £599 one.

    Would be good value if headset and seatpost included.

  • 20% off with SPRINGFWD20

    £76 for the frame. Darn why can I not grow a few more inches?!

  • Stripping this down today.

    Hammerite for the rack and geekhouse salmon pink for the frame.

    Brazing by @PhilDAS, I wanted a rack for bikepacking that could take panniers and bottle cage mounts. And Phil exceeded expectations, I particularly like the 'mono' attachment. Excited to get out of town on this properly at some point

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  • Mono

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  • More details

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  • That is cool as fuck.

    Both the monostay and the lower mountings look ace.

  • @PhilDAS this is some proper cool stuff. Nice!

  • Thanks boss. It’s a bit rough but seems strong enough and isn’t too heavy.
    Chainstay bosses double as extra bottle cage mounts when the rack’s off, as long as there’s sufficient heel clearance

  • nice work @PhilDAS

    I am not the one to dish out complements that easily

  • now make a rack for DBAD

  • That is excellent.

    Great work @PhilDAS proper details.

  • Finished

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  • 2

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  • So excellent! The pink and red play together nicely.

  • Super nice custom rack and mounts.

  • Thanks that was coincidence, the only colour of hammerite that I had.

    However the hammerite isn't great, it's like a crayon and scraping off already. Does anyone know what that could be?

  • Did you degrease the surface before applying ? The metal looks new and it may have oil residue on it to prevent rusting.

  • You only painted it the other day, give it a minute!

    Seriously though, I have a hammerite paintjob on my klunker that's still soft after about 3 months!

  • Yes I did and scratched it with scotchbrite

    @M_V ha good point, I'll give it some time

  • Just noticed this. Winner. Black too, £39.99. Middle finger to crust bikes...

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On-One / Planet X bikes and components

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