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  • hey folk

    posted a similar version of this on the mcr sub-forum today, and its obviously better to share the love...

    briefly - for those that dont know me - i messed for over a 'kin decade, worked in harry halls in mcr for a whiles and been accused of being instrumental in getting the mcr fixed scene off the ground. so i'm not 100% institutionalised yet... blahblahblah

    i'm now working at planet x, and responsible for their track/fixed stuff...
    so whilst i've been waiting patiently to be trained on their websystem i've been mooching around the warehouse and just thought i'd let you know of some stuff i've found... this is not the hard sell - just letting y'all know before i get accused of spamming. and i did ask before doing this...

    prototype/oneoff/ex display/sample bikes...


    these are all built completes, ready to roll. any questions - ask me...

    we also got the metallico dildo bars...


    look better in the (ah-hem) flesh. i personally think theyre much nicer than the nitto influenced bar...

    i'll be sorting out the budget leather double and single toe straps and double and single toe clips hopefully tomorrow. the straps arnt njs quality, but a lot more affordable... i'd always recommend stumping up for triple layer, but some cant justify the expense - yeah... we got them too

    and just so you know - prices are going up soon. this is going to be across the board. we get our stuff from japan - other stores get their stuff from eai in the us, but the effect will be the same. the normal yearly price increases were set earlier on this year - and its getting close to the time we are required to implement them. unfortunately with the current financial crap going on, this is really pushing the prices up to make some of the pricier really nice stuff like kashimax totally unaffordable. it sucks. i've just started here expecting loads of stuff to be ordered and found out the orders have been cancelled. my advice is to think about getting what you can soon before this stuff gets dropped from the uk completely.

    anyway, have a look around the track section - there's heaps of stuff there - its a bit of a minefield to navigate apparently - there is a search function - so if you have anything specific in mind, holler me!!!

    on a more positive note, if anyone's after a carbon track bike for less (i think) than 700 check the site tomorrow or monday



  • what are the fixed rear hubs like? they seem too cheap to be true.

  • what are the fixed rear wheels like? they seem too cheap to be true.


  • are you prepared to split ?

  • bmmf - abbasolutely goddamn right. they be fixed!

    bit nicer machining than formula/sysex/ambrosia. and bearings are a bit better quality... saw greater longevity in onone hubs than the above when i worked at harry halls...

    probably the best way to describe them is better quality, but similar price

    dont forget px dont really do any advertising, get stuff direct from taiwan etc... so this keeps the price down

  • Those on-one HF track hubs were £15 each until a few months ago. They're double that now but still good value. I've been running a set daily (12-20miles) for a year and they're still smooth.

  • Not totally gash!!!

    Any plans for a future batch of these frames?

  • seconded! that frame looks rad. dont want the whole bike though!

  • the white duratec above is a one-off. built up for track - ie tubs. its a good looking frame in the flesh

    the only production alu frames they do are these:


    these might be on close-out next week. i'll obviously post more when i know.
    anyone riding one of these in london???

  • not seen any at HH

    I'd ride one, or the carbon jobbie. but it seems like the prices will be different by next season.

    BTW the hubs are fine, I've abused one daily for a few months on my work bike

  • 101mm carbon rims for £100 = H-pluswho?

  • It think they have one these in BLB, looks good.

  • wouldnt have seen any px bikes at hh. margins werent big enough for owner.
    only stocked some of the track parts - didnt have on-one hubs in as we already had sysex,dc,shimano,profile

  • ^ HH in London's famous London is Herne Hill velodrome. RPM was answering your "any Planet X track frames in London" question.

    Lots of the road bikes about but no track bikes at all.

  • just bought myself a rear fixed/fixed hub.

  • 14 du'h! thats what happens when you live up north... you forget abbreviations from home...

  • That Duratec does lok good. Shame the spec is so far from what I would actually use.

  • Hog Hill and Herne Hill was confusing enough...now Harry's Hall too!

  • ok people... this is the one of the things i've been waiting to share with you... if you dont like carbon dont hit the link!


    please read the specification carefully - there are reasons why its been spec'd like that.

    any questions please pm me.

    review of the bike (similar spec) can be found here...

    looks like i wont be riding one myself because they'll prolly sell them all... been eyeing them up for ep? for a month now. tsch... gripe over... and ready to steel myself for the dumbass question on the mail forwarder...

  • Hey Craig. You guys build wheels (complete) that are 650 24 hole clinchers, but you don't sell the rims on their own. This is an outrage and a travesty. Help a brother out? I need a 650 24 hole clincher rim!

  • Just to drag things off-topic a bit.

    I read all over the place about the famous Planet-X single speed free-hub.
    But have never seen or heard of one for sale.
    is this old/discontinued/incorrect info?

    I'm in the process of collecting bits for a SS MTN bike build and would be grateful for any info.

  • 20: yes we sell 650 wheelsets but these are fabricated offshore - not built in the uk

    its such a niche market now, its not considered worth holding 650 rims as stock.

    i had a look around the warehouse a couple of weeks ago for someone else - there's nothing nos... theyve got cartons of bloody orange 26" 32h deep v's tho... someone mebbe knows something we dont...

    roberto hasnt got anything??? there must be someone somewhere that has a rim knocking around...

    sorry - cant help you on that one...

  • smallfurry - check your pm's

  • Uhm... just wondering, are decals removable on that Carbon-frame, or are they under the clear-coat?

    Oh, and you ship to Denmark right?

    And how will that carbon-frame deal with heavy riders? (95kg)

    And does it really only accept 21mm tires? From photos it looks like 23mm should work without problems, at least in the front.. ?

  • Just to drag things off-topic a bit.

    I read all over the place about the famous Planet-X single speed free-hub.
    But have never seen or heard of one for sale.
    is this old/discontinued/incorrect info?

    I'm in the process of collecting bits for a SS MTN bike build and would be grateful for any info.


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On-One / Planet X bikes and components

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