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  • Hmmm maybe a bit of TRX strength work but didn’t feel I’d over cooked it. I’ve been concentrating on getting high elbows and flat arm/palm for max surface area and using my legs a lot less to control the breathing.... maybe it’s just too much too soon.

    @Dantheman I’ve definitely embraced the snorkel or the ‘cheat stick’ as I now call it. Hate those first few lengths after I take it off and I’m back to gasping.

  • Just ordered a Zone 3 Vanquish wetsuit, they are supposed to be the best on the market for the money so I will see how I get on. Can't say I massively like wetsuits in general but needs must I suppose

  • Went for a first swim in this wetsuit this morning. Got to say it is fantastic. Managed to knock out 3k in under an hour in 8c

  • So it’s open water swimming or nothing for the forseable future.

    Anyone point me in the right direction on what I need to read up on?

  • Just head to Shadwell Lido - was in there this afternoon - place to myself, no costs, just a bunch of cormorants for company.

  • Parliament Hill and the Ponds are shut now

  • Shadwell Lido still open, must be 12-13 degrees too.

  • Is shadwell lido swimming frowned on or allowed .
    I went and looked at gospel oak lido today. I have not visited for 35 years .. it looked fab, but shut

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  • Is shadwell lido swimming frowned on or allowed

    Completely illegal, but they don't stop kids throwing acid in each other's faces round our way, and that's generally frowned on in polite society, so wouldn't worry about it.

  • Nowca venues reopening

    Booked into Royal Victoria Docks this weekend :D

  • Serpentine Swimming Club (not Lido) has reopened.

  • Serpentine Swimming Club closed again (middle of last week) due to too many people.

    It looks like swimming pools, including Parliament Hill Lido, and the Heath ponds are looking at an early July opening. Expect limited numbers, short sessions and pre-booking.

  • Lots of other outdoor places are open or opening.

    Papercourt Lake near Ripley is open.
    Liquid Leisure near Windsor is open.
    Shepperton Lakes say they will be opening soon.

    As above, limited numbers, short sessions and pre-booking is common.

  • Got caught in Shadwell Lido by the cops last week for the first time. No fines or serious dressing down, will continue swimming there.

  • been in the Thames and Jubilee river's in the last week, water temps are perfect, bray is opening up again tomorrow, theres a chance i might have learnt to swim again by the end of the year at this rate!

  • I am really missing swimming. I may need to check out Shadwell lido

  • I went with my kids to Víctoria Dock today, it looked like an open water swim session had just finished.

    Another option, albeit a few miles east

  • Royal Victoria Docks?

    Yep - been open a couple of weeks. Was nice and warm recently, but likely less so now

  • Great thanks. I'll check it out

  • Shepperton lake is open and lovely .. booking via an app now

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  • Wellness living app .
    I don’t think they can do new swimmers yet , a very efficient distancing set tbf

  • Lido and the ponds reopening soon on a booking system. I find I miss swimming more than anything else, including the pub 😭

  • I usually swim in the pub, saves time.

  • West Reservoir is lovely. Glowing sky disc makes sighting through steamy goggles tricky in the evening. Every available railing had a bike attached.

  • Some progress, albeit slow and nothing concrete yet...

    Announcement next week about a timetable for pools to reopen:-


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